Vimeo Announces Vimeo On Demand: Creators Get 90% Revenue Share

Vimeo Announces Vimeo On Demand: Creators Get 90% Revenue Share

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Vimeo is announcing Vimeo On Demand today, which in beta was called “Pay-to-View.”  This will give all Vimeo PRO users the ability to sell their content behind a paywall.  Vimeo will be offering a 90% revenue share with creators after transaction fees.  Included in the Vimeo On Demand package will be the ability to choose price, country availability, customize the page design, and be able to offer it on Vimeo, a website, or both.  Also, the content will be able to be seen on all devices.  We talked to Blake Whitman, VP of Creative Development, about the new service.

ReelSEO Interview with Blake Whitman, Vimeo VP of Creative Development

Blake Whitman: Today we’re talking about Vimeo On Demand, something we’ve been working on for a really long time.  We’re releasing a totally open self-distribution platform for content creators to sell their work directly to their fans.  This is sort of on top of what we previewed back in November with our pre-launch Pay-to-View service.  It’s a great evolution of our product to allow people to sell their work and make more money from it.  This is always something people have been asking for and we’re finally able to offer those tools.

We launched our beta version of this in November with six feature films, and it was a really great experience for us to see how we work with creators, how people are interacting with our site, because it’s a very new thing for people to see paid content on Vimeo.  And we’re being very careful about how we release it and how we offer it, but we’re very excited about the opportunity for not only creators but also viewers to find great content that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to find in other places.

ReelSEO: What kind of feedback did you get with Pay-to-View?

We’ve learned a lot over the last couple months.  I think what you’ll see is that what we release is a lot more robust and in-depth feature set than what you saw with the previews.  And now it’s based on a lot of really great feedback and understanding of how this is really going to work well, and what people are going to be looking for from the viewer side and the creator side.

How will this new service be used?

You have to be a PRO member to access the new Vimeo On Demand to sell your work, so it really is aimed at the professional content creator.  But we use “content creator” because it’s not always going to be filmmakers, although we do think it’s going to be a very viable option for filmmakers, short-form and long-form.  It’s really going to be up to the creators themselves how they’re going to use it and how it’s going to work for them.  I think instructional videos are going to do really well.  Our community is extremely passionate about tutorial videos in editing and After Effects and stuff like that.  So we think it’s going to run the gamut.

We’re going to be very focused on editorializing the creative side of content: the feature film, narrative, documentary, action sports world which previewed in November.  We’re actually really excited to see how people use it and how people experiment with the platform.  Right now, this whole self-distribution thing is a very new concept.  What’s great about our platform is that that’s it’s really open and flexible and you can really choose how you sell your work: choosing the price, choosing the availability, customizing the home your content lives in.  So you’re not mired by any constraints that other platforms might have, which is why we think we’re a great viable option to people who don’t have access to other platforms.

What will be the revenue split?

We’re offering content creators 90% revenue after transaction fees.  We’re covering all the bandwidth and delivery costs and taking 10% after transaction fees.  So it’s a really beneficial revenue split for the creator which is obviously something we’ve been very focused on by providing great tools and great access and this is just continuing that to pass the revenue on to them so they can keep creating great work and sharing it on Vimeo.

We’d like to thank Blake Whitman for his time, and Mallory Goldberg at MWW for her help with this interview.

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