Vimeo 2013: 4.9 Billion Video Plays, 22 Million Members

Vimeo 2013: 4.9 Billion Video Plays, 22 Million Members

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It’s only January so we’re still seeing last-year-in-review posts from some of the major sites. We’ve pretty much all watched YouTube’s Rewind 2013 by now but Vimeo, being the quirky little site that it is, would like us to work a bit harder to find out what a fantastic year they have had. Vimeo’s own Review of 2013 is a collection of flashy, brightly-colored hexagons and animated gifs that the user needs to navigate to find out about the projects, features, staff picked videos, creators and burrito-eating contests that made up the last 12 months for it. So, why not spend a few fun moments clicking away to your heart’s content to discover facts like the following:

  • The site had 135 million unique viewers worldwide
  • There were 4.9 billion video plays in 2013
  • There were 1,456 Staff Picked videos last year
  • The site has 22 million registered members
  • They had over 106 product releases
  • They reached 1 million Facebook Likes

vimeo annual review

Vimeo also give us some highlights of each month, such as:

If you’re a follower of the ‘Staff Picks’ feature, you’ll know that the Vimeo team are fantastic at curating and promoting some of the most creative content that’s uploaded to the site. This is one of our favorites, and it made the review as a Staff Pick from September 2013:

Here’s to a hugely successful 2014 – we can’t wait to see what new features are introduced!


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