How To Let Viewers Choose an Ending to Your Interactive Video [Creator’s Tip #80]

How To Let Viewers Choose an Ending to Your Interactive Video [Creator’s Tip #80]

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Giving viewers interactivity can enhance your videos if you have a particular story you want to tell that has multiple possibilities.  Allowing viewers to go from one video to the next can increase engagement, as long as the story is something worth “following down the rabbit hole.”  In our continuing coverage of interactive annotations, we discuss how to create a multi-video universe that is easy to navigate and hopefully will be a lot of fun for your viewers.  If you’re late to the party, take a look at this post about annotations that let you “skip ahead” within videos to play catch-up.

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Style Videos

Here’s our Creator’s Tip video on the subject:

Tips for creating an interactive video:

  • Shoot all of your videos separately.
  • 1 video will be public.  The others will be unlisted but accessible through annotations.
  • When uploading the main video, make sure it is private so that you can add the annotations to the other videos and the incomplete video won’t show up in your subscribers’ boxes.
  • Set up annotations on all the videos so that they connect to each other and cross-promote each other.
  • Go to the annotations editor, scrub through the timeline to the place where you want the annotation, customize all the different features, and read here if you need further instructions.
  • Go to “Link” and select the video in which you want the annotation to link.  Copy the URL, and paste it in the link box.  If you need the link to take the viewer to a specific time in the video, you have a time code field you can play with to get to that exact point.
  • When you’re done, be sure the linked videos are “unlisted.” (you don’t want your linked videos to show up all by themselves in the subscriber boxes)
  • For mobile, you might want to have links in the descriptions since annotations won’t show up on mobile devices.

Does it work?  It all comes down to how compelling a story you want to tell.  Interactive videos are just like any other video on the Internet: you must make compelling content in order for them to succeed.

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip I am going to show you guys how to do an interactive video that lets your audience choose their own ending. That’s coming up.

Hey guys my name in Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week, we here at ReelSEO just do our best to help you guys to
make online video content know how to make that stuff perform the best on the web.

One thing you see people doing here on YouTube from time to time is making these interactive videos where basically you get to the end of the video and
they have 2 options you can either click here and go watch this ending or you can click here and go see a different ending.

Mystery guitar man has done several of these that actually have several options you can click and they all lead down different paths and there is like 14
different options that you can end up at. We are not going to get that complicated here today. I just want to show you guy basically how it works and how
to set this up in case you ever want to do something interactive with your audience then you will know how.

So let’s get started. If you feel like this is information that you already know and you don’t think you are going to learn to much from here well you can
click right here on this window to go see this video or if you feel like man Tim I have no idea how this works then you can click on this one over here. So
pick one and I will see you at whichever one you choose. So go ahead. I’ll just wait right here until you do. I know a lot of you are not going to click
just so you can see what I am going to say, right? Even though I am not going to say anything valuable, I am just going to talk. But you are curious so you
will wait and see. But really you should just click one of the two options right now. You should. Go ahead. Nothing else is going to happen from here on
out in this video. You have got to go to one of these. So if you are still watching this, click or go to your desktop computer because watching this on
mobile obviously that is not going to work.

Okay, well if you are still here I am just going to end this for you. If you haven’t clicked by now you are a very indecisive person and you should
probably just pick one and click.

Alright I am leaving if you don’t want to follow me don’t worry about it. But I am going to go do these videos right now.


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