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A while back I wrote about the new service from Well they have been working on it for some time now and today it’s ready to throw open its doors and welcome in the public for the rest of the beta period., a new automatic transcoding, universal URL service from is simply genius. You upload your file, set up your profile and it automatically encodes to whatever formats you desire. You are then emailed links that can be sent in SMS, embedded as HTML5 or Flash.Now, everyone can access the service to ensure their videos will playback on all popular mobile phones and web browsers. The program expansion responds to the enormous demand for the private beta program over the past two months in which several thousand beta users generated over 10,000 URLs by simply uploading their source videos via the site.

With, all videos are pre-transcoded to all popular web and mobile formats, so that when an end user requests a video, detects his device and serves the correct and optimized video.  Publishers can embed the HTML5 code provided by directly into their web pages or Flash players, or can share the provided short URL via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets.

Major changes since my first look at the service include:

  • Embed codes moved to <iframe> (formerly <video> and <script>)
  • Compatibility with new browsers Internet Explorer 9 and FireFox 4
  • Improved accuracy of messaging in the terminal status window
  • Added a new Flash player to add video playback support for Sony’s PS3
  • Added a new testing tool to collect mobile device data and submit feedback.
  • New support for fullscreen video playback on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
  • Created a uniform player look and feel for all embedded players
  • Support embed code in popular blog services: wordpress, blogspot and tumblr
  • Fixed embed problems with various devices (HTC Touch Pro, iOS(4.3), BB 9800, Palm Pre, HTC Desire HD, BB 9800 Tourch, BB 9630 Tour)
  • Added support for various devices (BB Bold 9700, BB Curve 9330, Palm Pre)
  • Optimized video sizes for most popular user screen resolution
  • Synchronized video size and quality on various browsers Added ability to have 2 or more embeds on the page
  • Now serving videos directly from Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Added new mobile device feedback page

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