How VidIQ Grows Audiences: Announces YouTube Marketing Suite for Brands

How VidIQ Grows Audiences: Announces YouTube Marketing Suite for Brands

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When it comes to using video marketing, many brands may not know exactly what they need to do,or what they might be doing wrong.  In this case, there are a number of services out there that can help you in video optimization.  One such service runs the optimization efforts of Revision3, AOL, and Mondo Media, and it’s called VidIQ, which has announced its public availability today for YouTube marketers and social media managers who want to increase views and subscriptions over their YouTube channels.  The service’s availability highlights the importance of proper channel maintenance.

How Every YouTube Channel Can Benefit from What VidIQ Does

VidIQ got $800k of funding from the likes of Mark Cuban, David Cohen, Scott Banister, Peter Weck, Tod Sacerdoti, Don Hutchison, Jared Kopf, Jason Seats, William Lohse, Savan Devani, Shriraj Gaglani, and I/O Ventures.  Tools like these are needed in a world that is basically made of two huge divisions: creating the video and then marketing the video.  One group might know how to do one thing, but not the other.  That’s where VidIQ steps in.  They have a handy video here:

They have a multi-pronged attack that helps content creators optimize their YouTube channel, basic things that everyone can benefit from, but which VidIQ does for you:

  • Listening Tools.  They find out who your audience is and connect with them through social media, so that those “influencers” and “gatekeepers” become your cheerleaders.  Having powerful people with many followers championing your videos definitely increases your visibility.  Tim Schmoyer talked about this in his video/post here.
  • Actionable Analytics.  No doubt, this is a feature much like YouTube Analytics, only tailored to fit your brand’s needs, and broken down in a way that most people can understand.  Analytics can tell you everything from demographics to overall engagement to where people are finding your video in the first place, and truly a whole lot more.  To get an idea of how analytics work, YouTube Analytics are described in great detail here by our guest expert Harrison Jones.
  • YouTube SEO: Optimization of tags is something the average brand has no idea how to do properly, and that’s why a service like VidIQ doing it for a brand takes a load of work off their hands.  We know that proper SEO is something that needs to be done to separate your video from competing brands who might be making similar content, and to increase the visibility of their unique content in a search engine.  While incredible content that has been watched a bunch already is more visible in search than your average video with awesome SEO, it’s important to have good optimization when a link might not be handy and someone wants to find you when they don’t know the title.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  And it’s nice to have experts properly tag brands’ videos and not leave views on the table.  We have a ton of info on this: Metadata Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Automation: Did you know there are certain days, and certain times of day, where your video will be seen before any other?  Maybe you don’t, and that’s another service VidIQ provides.  Other “automation” would include, when the best time would be to send your video to a tastemaker/gatekeeper who will post the video on Twitter or Facebook.  Or creating a level of “waves” of coverage, beginning with the top influencers and moving down.  Chris Rick wrote a post with all sorts of charts and graphs about the importance of when to post your video here.
  • Promotional Campaigns: VidIQ makes it so that they leverage your older, perhaps already popular, content to drive people to the newer content or to a website.  One of the biggest pains in running in YouTube channel is going back to those old videos and making them “current.”  Those first videos might not have any links or annotations to future content, and often that can leave viewers without any incentive to go anywhere else.  We talked about this in the YouTube Creator Playbook in the use of annotations, which have become more powerful since that article.

Having a service in your corner to help you with all the things that can typically be a headache for content creators, who can feel like their job is done once the video is created and uploaded.  It surprises a lot of people that great content doesn’t usually just get found on accident, it’s a proactive process that includes a ton of hard work.


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