VideoEgg – Overview and History of VideoEgg

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Video Egg LogoVideoEgg Inc. was formed in 2005 by three Yale University students David Lerman, Matt Sanchez and Kevin Sladek. VideoEgg is a web-based publishing service that allows users to capture video content from virtually any device and format and publish it to the web.

At first glance, VideoEgg has some really excellent features. The site allows you to drag a video into the viewer to get a taste for how easy it is to use. A ‘universal adapter’ that captures directly from hundreds of devices and reads dozens of formats, the VideoEgg Publisher allows users to painlessly publish video that anyone can watch without worrying about player compatibilities, encoding settings, or extra software. Flash 8 allows the viewing of videos with enhanced quality.

At present, posting video online is a very complicated process for users, requiring a highly technical understanding of formats, encoders, players and servers. The VideoEgg Publisher simplifies the difficult video encoding and posting process, allowing users to capture video directly into a website from camcorders, Web cams, and mobile phones and computers. It also accepts video files via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Before movies are encoded and posted, users can perform basic edits with the Publisher’s simple editing tools. Using this system, videos are immediately available for viewing online through the Flash-based VideoEgg Player, a “player less” solution that does not require external players like Windows Media or QuickTime. Publishers can easily integrate their contents directly on their website by simply adding a html snippet.

VideoEgg quickly discovered that with all of the different devices, editors, encoders, and players, there really wasn’t a simple, foolproof way for most of people to get their video onto the web. They tried that posting video should be as easy as uploading a photo on the web, so they set out to design and build the VideoEgg. Since then, VideoEgg has rapidly become the leading video solution for today’s online communities, serving 20+ million videos a day. VideoEgg is committed to help communities thrive with video. And they believe that the key to this success is creating a great user experience while meeting, and expecting user’s need. To make the user experience phenomenal their guiding principle from day one has been: It’s got to be easy for the user. VideoEgg always believe that while good technology is good, a good user experience is most essential. In September 2006, VideoEgg started to sell advertisements through the new Eggnetwork.

Ease of uploading and instant publication of videos making this site immensely popular among the video communities. Each passing day this site is adding thousands of videos. It distributed its video player program through social networking sites like Bebo and Hi5, quickly creating one of the world’s largest video advertising networks. VideoEgg has built a large ad sales team to sell into those videos with flash pop-up ads that don’t disrupt video play but get in front of the viewer. Thus, promoting the company in leaps and bounds.

In may of 2007, Video Egg was named as a 2007 Red Herring Winner.

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