VideoAces 2018: Who are the Most Viewed Media Companies in the World?

VideoAces 2018: Who are the Most Viewed Media Companies in the World?

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Every Spring we announce our VideoAces awards, which recognizes the most viewed media companies and video creators in the world. But we’re doing things a little differently this year and giving you an exclusive preview of 2018’s winners and the winning categories.

The rankings are based on views between January and September 2018, so of course we still have the holiday season to go and things could change according to the extra views gained in the last three months of this year. But here are the ten global media creators in the running so far for this year’s Grand VideoAces, which recognizes the most viewed media creators in the world. Take a look and then peruse the additional categories we’ll be awarding in Spring 2019. Stay tuned for the full 2019 VideoAces list which we’ll be announcing soon.

VideoAces 2018: Most Viewed Global Media Companies


#1 WarnerMedia

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 17,534,666,403
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 25,118,565,582
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 13,651,077,121

With just over 17B Facebook video views and 25B YouTube views across its 500 social channels, WarnerMedia tops the VideoAces chart for the most views in 2018 to date. The WarnerMedia family includes iconic brands such as HBO, CNN, TMZ, Bleacher Report, Turner, Warner Bros, and a host of others who have published just under 600K videos this year alone. WarnerMedia has led the most-viewed media properties chart all year, so it’s no surprise to see the AT&T owned company at #1. Although it publishes content across many verticals as part of its social video strategy, superheroes and nostalgia drives millions of views for two of its most famous brands, Warner Bros, and WB Kids – with this Tom & Jerry Cartoon Compilation generating the most views of any WarnerMedia uploads this year:

#2 The Walt Disney Company

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 14,544,554,665
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 22,883,549,714
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 6,839,337,631

As legacy broadcasters go, The Walt Disney Company may be among the most loved, as its staggering video views in 2018 to date prove. Along with the famous Disney brands, and movie franchises like Marvel, the media giant has a total of 775 different publishing brands under its wing. These include household names such as ESPNABC News, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, each of which generate millions of video views in their own right. During the first nine months of 2018, Walt Disney properties uploaded 310K videos to the main social platforms, with this clip from ‘Coco’ generating the most views on YouTube with 206M. You can read more here about how Disney’s empire of media properties drove incredible views and engagement for ‘Incredibles 2’.

#3 BuzzFeed

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 27,440,033,187
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 6,505,718,628
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 3,572,828,625

BuzzFeed is a cross-platform digital media company, delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world across a huge range of vertical-driven sub-properties (Buzzfeed News, Tasty, Nifty, Goodful). The digital-first giant topped the last VideoAces chart as the number one media and entertainment company in 2017, and makes the top three in 2018. It’s flagship food property, Tasty, is a top ten media and entertainment brand in its own right, generating one of the most viewed videos of the year with 208M Facebook views for its ‘Scalloped Potato Roll’ walkthrough. Read more about how BuzzFeed built a 60B video view powerhouse and changed the face of video-first publishing.

#4 Comcast

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 9,292,216,919
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 23,139,751,662
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 2,267,338,281

As a media juggernaut, Comcast and the publishing brands under its umbrella generated a very impressive 23B views on YouTube between January and September 2018. The 934 different properties under the Comcast roof (think NBC, E!, Telemundo, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon etc) published just under 400K videos in the first nine months of this year which firmly places them high in our VideoAces leaderboard. As well as 23B YouTube views, the company also generated 150M engagement, with NBC News’ live-streamed coverage of ‘Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Address 2018’ generating 10x the engagement rate of YouTube’s average.

#5 Jungle Creations

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 29,784,380,647
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 37,322,791
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 519,236,564

Just four years ago, Jungle Creations was a newcomer to the online video scene. Now, the UK-based media property is one of the most-watched in the world, pulling in at least 3-5 billion views per month across its media brands, including the wildly popular channels Twisted, and VT. So successful is the company’s social video strategy, they have carved out a very credible and profitable niche by creating content for their branded partners. You can read more about the rags to riches story of Jungle Creations and how the media company is exploring opportunities in e-commerce and even offline retail ventures.

#6 Brave Bison

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 29,017,045,097
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 13,043,694
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 983,994

Another UK-based social video publisher, Brave Bison, makes the VideoAces leaderboard by generating 29B Facebook views between January and September 2018. It was the second-most viewed media property in the world in October (beaten only by WarnerMedia), but on Facebook views alone, it was the most-viewed – ahead of The LADbible Group, BuzzFeed, and Viacom. On Facebook, the property saw a 53% increase in followers in October 2018, compared to the previous month, with Pages like Viral TRND, and Blunt Kommunity experiencing a growth rate of 53% in the same period. The publisher’s most viewed video of the first nine months of the year was this Facebook upload of the ‘first ever supercar designed and made in Mexico’ generating 241M views, 58M of which were in the first 3 days after upload. This is a company to watch – particularly as it didn’t make the VideoAces Leaderboard last year. A lot can happen in 12 months.

#7 Group Nine Media

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 24,547,643,219
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 1,240,031,279
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 1,881,787,230

Group Nine Media were one of early adopters of the verticalization of video content, and the digital-first publishers have reaped the rewards of this strategy with a truly impressive 25B Facebook views in the first three-quarters of 2018. Its brands – the ‘Now This’ family, The Dodo, Thrillist, and Seeker – are followed by over 100M viewers across the main social video platforms, and Group Nine have been a consistent presence on Tubular’s most-viewed global media companies throughout 2018. ‘Now This’ also made a big splash with its US Midterm election coverage on Facebook, becoming the only true digital-first news provider to compete with the big legacy broadcasters for views. The publisher is changing the face of news for a new generation on social.

#8 Jukin Media

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 25,978,209,351
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 1,253,430,553
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 182,606,964

Jukin Media has been a solid player in the video ecosystem since 2011, but has grown to be a digital force to be reckoned with after leveraging original video content after years of early viral and licensing success. Between January and September 2018, the media publisher generated 25B Facebook views from Pages such as ‘FailArmy’, ‘The Daily Heartbeat’, and ‘The Pet Collective’, with this clip called ‘Hide and Seek’ (you must have seen it on Facebook) generating a mind-blowing 385M views (248M views in the first 30 days after upload). Up 6 places from last year’s VideoAces ranking, Jukin Media have carved out a unique place in the online video ecosystem.

#9 Essel Corporate

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 3,310,444,904
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 22,946,319,979
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 81,273,149

Essel Corporate may not be the biggest household name on the Leaderboard but its social video channels generated 23B YouTube views in the first three-quarters of this year, driven by ‘Zee News’ and ‘Zee Music Company’. The Indian-based publisher has a huge portfolio of assets outside of entertainment, but it’s acquisition of Zee Media earlier this year now makes it one of the largest news networks in India, with 10 news channels reaching more than 200M viewers. The media giant skips 11 places ahead on this year’s chart compared to its #20 position in 2017.

#10 The LADbible Group

Facebook Views Jan – Sep 2018: 23,061,817,991
YouTube Views Jan – Sep 2018: 61,190,150
Other Views Jan – Sep 2018: 2,096,384,778

When LADbible acquired UNILAD in October 2018, the merger of the two brands lifted The LADbible Group to the 4th most viewed global Media and Entertainment property in the world, a rise of 14 places in just one month. In the battle for views and engagement for the top Facebook video creators, UK-based UNILAD and LADbible have been neck and neck over the past two years, jockeying for position for the number one and two spots for the most viewed global media creators on Facebook. Now, although their properties remain separate on Facebook, their combined power makes the publisher a hugely powerful player, not only in the UK, but around the world too.

VideoAces 2018: Full Category List

We’ve given you a preview of the most viewed global media companies but let’s take a look at the other categories for the VideoAces 2018 awards:

Global Media Rising Stars

Global Media Creators
Most Viewed US Media Creators
Most Viewed UK Media Creators
Most Viewed German Media Creators
Most Viewed French Media Creators

Global Media Verticals
Most Viewed Global Sports Media
Most Viewed News & Politics Companies
Most Viewed US Music Companies

Global Brands
Most Viewed Global Brand Properties
Most Viewed Global Beauty Brands
Most Viewed Global Sports Brands
Most Viewed Global Gaming Brands
Most Viewed Global Toy Brands


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