Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices: Google Video SEO

Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices: Google Video SEO

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How do you create and submit a Video Sitemap to Google for Video SEO?  How can you attempt to get your videos indexed into Google video, web, and universal search?  These questions and more were answered in ReelSEO’s recent webinar: “Make Your Videos Discoverable – Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices!” We had Google on-board to help present and the following is a recap of the webinar.

Video Sitemaps Best Practices – Featuring Google

A little less than 2 weeks ago, we conducted a successful webinar (with more than 1000 registrants and 450 attendees) all about best practices for using video sitemaps for website video SEO. The world’s largest search engine teamed up with ReelSEO to provide the best possible information on what a video sitemap is, what it should include, where to submit it and how to get the most out of it.

Nelson Lee, Product Manager for Google Videos, provided several valuable tips for video sitemaps and talked about how to overcome some common issues that he has observed first-hand.  Following the presentation, we had more than an hour of Q&A from attendees.

Google Video Sitemaps Webinar Video Recording

As promised, the following is a complete recording of the Google Video Sitemaps webinar.

The video has the following sections, which you are welcome to skip directly to, using the links below:

In addition to the recording, you are welcome to download the presentation from slideshare here. If you have any questions about the webinar or about video sitemaps that weren’t addressed already in the webinar (IE – I wont answer questions that you could get the answer to just by watching the video above) feel free to ask those questions below in the comments area.

Thank You

Some thank you’s are appropriate here. To start, thank you to all of our readers for your ongoing support and please keep that up. We are doing our best to provide quality information for anyone that is interested in online video.  I hope that you are able to benefit from this webinar and we’ll be announcing another one soon. Of course, special thanks to both Nelson Lee and Amy MacIsaac from Google for being a part of this webinar.

Video Sitemaps Resources:

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Google Resources:

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