Your Video Doesn’t Need To Go Viral To Make A Difference

Your Video Doesn’t Need To Go Viral To Make A Difference

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We’ve all seen how video can be a game changer. The barman lodges his camcorder between two flower vases to capture the offhand remarks of a presidential candidate. The tourist uploads four year-old footage of some lions, crocodiles and a herd of cape buffalo squaring off. These videos change lives, garner fortunes, and tweak the course of history. And while they owe their success, in part, to luck and coincidence, they’ve awoken us to video’s power to alter outcomes.

Consider how video can even impact a face-to-face meeting. You’re struggling to make your point then suddenly you pull up a video of yourself on YouTube making the exact same point but now you’ve got an audience of a thousand, roaring their approval. The clouds part and you’ve got your deal. Although the above examples are difficult to replicate, there are many ways to “align the heavens” and ensure that your videos have the same impact. Here are a few:

Using Video To Showcase a Business Skill

“Getting good speaking videos is so hard,” says author, speaker, and marketing expert Brian Carter. He waited nearly a year before his finally struck. “You have to have a perfect storm of audience, performance, good backdrop, video quality, audio quality with audience mic’d too.” And even when all those things go well there are the factors beyond your control. “I have at least a half dozen I can’t use; an older one a tree covered in money in the background, one where they had an eight foot tall margarita glass.”

Through patience, repetition, constant work on his speaking technique and a bit more attention to detail, Brian was finally able to produce a video called Social Media is Hilarious that “showed me in an impressive setting doing well – at a professional keynote level.” The video also employs clever graphical framing to enhance Brian’s presence and incorporate his slide presentation. “It helped me get a spate of new gigs in Q3 for Q4,” he says.

Carving Out A Professional Niche With Video

Colleen West was a private marriage and family therapist in El Cerrito, California. She hired us to make some short mini docs and video FAQs to demonstrate an innovative kind of therapy called EMDR that she was looking to promote. Her EMDR In Action web site and YouTube channel also included a complete EMDR therapy session, which demonstrated, even more than words, its transformative power. These videos attracted an audience of 300,000 and helped this small town therapist form one of the premier EMDR education and therapist finder services in the world.

Engineer to Engineer: Reaching Your Audience

Success in the video arena does not necessarily require 72 zillion YouTube views. Sometimes a well-calculated strike from an expert who’s highly credible with your target audience can make all the difference. Kristan Kirsh directs marketing communications at Energy Recovery, Inc., a global leader in energy-saving technologies for desalination and other fluid processes. For Kristan, a simple video of “the product being talked about in a familiar and casual way” made life a lot easier for her company’s sales team.

Advanced TurboCharger Product Demo features engineer Eric Kadaj, whom Kirsh describes as “not the usual suspect” when it comes to picking an in-house video “star.” But Eric offered a quality that turned the video into an indispensible ace-in-the-hole for Energy Recovery sales calls. “In our industry, clean tech, engineer to engineer speaks volumes,” says Kirsh. “Eric comes off so believable and he hits on the top points a purchasing agent of an 800 million dollar desalination plant needs to decide which turbo to go with. This video tips the scale.”


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