Videos Show Up for 65% of Universal Search Results for U.S. Users, YouTube Dominates [Study]

Videos Show Up for 65% of Universal Search Results for U.S. Users, YouTube Dominates [Study]

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Anyone that has been using Google to search for pretty much anything since 2007 will be familiar with its Universal Search Results feature. Also known as ‘blended results’, this is the way Google returns many different search listings for a query, whether that’s images, news, or shopping results, or videos – all based upon the particular key phrase and the intent behind it. Not every query will trigger Universal Search Results, but a new study from Searchmetrics, states that 85% of search queries in the U.S. do, with video content now appearing for around 65% of user queries. 54% of those video results are YouTube videos.

Highlights of the Report: Universal Search Results for Google U.S.

Among the data contained in the Searchmetrics Report “Universal Search Integrations in Search Results for 2013“, we learn that:

  • Videos Show Up for 65% of Universal Search Results for U.S. Users
  • 54% of those videos are YouTube Results
  • Images are the most popular results to be returned for user queries, around 45% of the time.
  • The total number of Videos returned in SERPs declined by roughly 15% over the year, while Shopping result integrations increased. Searchmetrics thinks this may have been the result of a change by Google.

YouTube Still Dominates Google Universal Search Results for Video

It’s no surprise that Google-owned YouTube is the main provider of video content in the Blended Search Results. Aside from the fact that it is a Google property, Google trusts the YouTube algorithm to return the right results for any user query. If it works on YouTube, then Google are confident that those same results are going to satisfy users on the main search engine. The reports states that YouTube’s share is actually down on the previous year, but still have the market share when it comes to video content visibility, even with all other competitors combined.

youtube vs competitors

Video Rankings by Provider: YouTube vs The Rest

In the U.S., on average, the first video result returned when Universal Results are triggered is a YouTube one. YouTube videos are around two positions ahead of the first position of a competitor.

youtube universal search results
Universal Search: All Verticals

Searchmetrics looked at all verticals within Universal Search Results for U.S. Results in 2013, and put the information together in this handy infographic. More than ever, a holistic marketing strategy is needed for any brand that wants a chance to appear before a Google user, so think about how video content can be integrated, or repurposed.


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