Staying Power: Keep Your Visitors Interested With Online Video Testimonials

Staying Power: Keep Your Visitors Interested With Online Video Testimonials

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How much is your company spending on SEO? Did you know that the average visitor to your website will spend less than ten seconds scanning your site before deciding to stick around or click elsewhere?

The money you invest to draw visitors to your site, through SEO, SEM, blog posting, or any other tactic, isn’t well spent unless you are sure you can win over your visitors within those ten seconds. That means crafting a competitive strategy for quickly establishing the credibility of your site and the character of your company in an emotionally compelling way.

Many sites employ written user testimonials to this end: a line or two of text from a happy customer that establishes the most important benefits of the site from a personal perspective. Unfortunately, a first-time visitor is unlikely to read more than one or two short testimonials about the benefits of your site, and even these will likely be scanned quickly on the way back to Google.

Customer testimonials, by themselves, also do not necessarily establish credibility, either. If I’m visiting your site for the first time:

  • How can I be sure the testimonial is real?
  • How much has it really told me about the product or community I’m interested in?
  • How much genuine emotion can a few lines of text really convey?

But in today’s business climate, user testimonials are ripe for evolution. The “face” of a company or community is of increasing importance to building a relationship with your potential customers. A visitor to your site doesn’t just want to know what your company can offer. He or she wants to know who you are. Who are your customers? What kind of community do you represent?

Capturing Interest With Consumer Generated Video Testimonials

Capturing real customers on video is a powerful way to answer these questions while adding authenticity, credibility and personality to your site. Video testimonials not only advertise to your potential community, they feature members of your community, in an emotionally compelling and engaging way. By putting a face and a voice to your user testimonial through video, you establish the character and credibility of your company while building a personal relationship with your visitors.

I’ve seen this success firsthand with my clients: not only do site visitors watch customer testimonial videos; on average they spend 100 seconds watching them! That’s 90 more seconds in which you can explain the benefits of your service, product, or community. In a montage format, 100 seconds can contain up to nine testimonials. Additionally, every time a client adds a new video to their montage, viewership increases by an average of 45%. That shows an extreme level of community engagement with video testimonials that is simply unmatched by written testimonials.

Video testimonials offer another major advantage over text. Your video can be placed anywhere on the web, and can circulate throughout your web community. This allows you to utilize other channels to drive traffic to your site: your Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, and Twitter account. By both featuring and engaging your community through these channels, you invite users to spend time on your site and get to know your company. You also increase your company’s reach across the web.

Visitors to your site want to know who you are and who your community is. You have ten seconds. The best way to get your answer across? Show, don’t tell.

About our Guest Expert: Justin Nassiri
Justin Nassiri is the CEO and Founder of VideoGenie, an online platform for collecting, managing, and distributing customer-generated video content. Justin started VideoGenie after graduating from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and VideoGenie is funded by Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. Once upon a time, before starting VideoGenie, Justin enjoyed scuba diving, long distance running, and watching terrible movies (preferably with Mystery Science Theater 3000 silhouettes on them).


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