Be Like Bamboo Sushi: Let Video Tell Your Small Business Story

Be Like Bamboo Sushi: Let Video Tell Your Small Business Story

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Throughout the course of my typical week, I talk to all kinds of individuals and businesses hoping to succeed online with video, including a lot of small businesses. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses think they’re “too small” for video. With a local focus and a local customer base… what can online video do for little old me?

The answer, of course, is endear your customers to you, strengthen your relationship with them, and drive new customers from your area who are intrigued.

Tell Your Small Business Story With Video

Let’s take Bamboo Sushi as an example–only because I recently tried (and failed) to convince a sushi restaurant client of mine to get involved with video. Actually, we’ll take Bamboo Sushi as our example because the video’s amazing (the other reason is just a bonus for me). Check out The Story Of Sushi, a short film telling the story of Bamboo Sushi in a way that entertains, informs, and advertises:

As entertaining content begins to replace more traditional ads, many companies are finding success through documentary filmmaking. Even short documentary films, when well shot and well edited, can suck an audience in and keep them engaged.

One suggestion I do have for Bamboo Sushi: I’m impressed by your choice to use Vimeo for The Story Of Sushi, but there’s no reason you can’t also add the video to your YouTube Channel–which currently has no videos at all on it. You can reach viewers there that won’t find your awesome video if it’s on Vimeo alone.


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