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I thought I would share a minor success story/test with you all. I have a good friend who I also do some consulting for, Mike Blinder. Mike manages one of the most successful media sales training firms in the world, The Blinder Group. His team travels the world to various media companies (US based New York Times Group, Media General, Morris, Freedom and Gannett newspapers as well as other companies throughout the world) to provide an intensive online advertising sales training and revenue generation program.

In the past year, Mike has been working with these companies to develop, train, and sell local online marketing solutions (including search engine marketing & organic placement) to small and medium sized businesses.

In any case, Mike has started to post some videos for his clients to continue their learning as well as for him to promote his services. I asked if I could take a particular video of his and syndicate the video out to various video sharing websites to see the result.  In discussing the overall goal of the test, Mike asked that I do my best to have his video “optimized” to appear in Google for the search terms, “SEO Media Sales Training.” I say, “optimized” because we were really not talking about Video SEO in the sense of optimizing video content on any one particular website.  Instead, the idea was to syndicate the video out to multiple video sharing websites to gain maximum exposure to the video for the search term we tested.  So, the goal in this test, to simply get the video to rank on the first page for our keyword or related phrases (e.g. “Seo Sales Training” – also great results)

And the results 3 weeks later??

#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #9 = 7 out of the top 10 results were Mike’s video. In addition, Mike’s video has #2 and #5 on the second page. So, 9 total indexed locations with the video shown at the bottom of this post.

Interesting enough, and I have noticed this as well with other projects, Revver’s video ranks at the top of the Google SERPS. The Google video appeared at the bottom of the first SERP, and the youtube video??? #2 of the second page SERP.

Also, let me share with you how simple this can be. Aside from picking relevant titles, descriptions, and keyword tags; I used both tubemogul as well as VideoWildFire and then I simply submitted each video sharing site destination URL to Onlywire for social bookmarking.  Ok, so you are probably saying, “yeah, but do the same test and get it to rank for a shorter, and more common search term”.  That wasnt our goal here (so we started off with conservative expectations ;-)

The point really?  Ok, not sure, because you see this all the time now when you do searches.  In fact, since Mike posted his videos, if you do a search for his nam, “Mike Blinder” you sill see that there are 3 of his videos on the first page, and they are stacked nicely to bring attention.

Clearly, Google is giving preferential treatment to multimedia content in search results.  I am not sure they have denied it as I haven’t seen that specifically addressed by Google, but I think it is obvious to the point that they probably are quite open and honest about it.  None the less, I will be doing some specific tests and studies to provide more insight into this.

Finally, here are the results:

media sales training

Here is the video that we had indexed:


Video Industry

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