Video SEO or SEO Videos?

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If any of you have done a search for “video seo”, you will see that a fair majority of results are actually for videos tutorials about search engine optimization, NOT for video search engine optimization information. In fact, ReelSEO is now ranking for the phrase, “seo video” (not as ExactMatch). Although it does not rank well for this term, I figured I should take advantage of the viewers for the time being and provide some information on sources for videos about SEO. Hopefully latent semantic indexing will improve with more and more content being indexed about video search engine optimization and video marketing.

By far one of my favorite sites for anything and everything SEO-related, is

Aaron Wall is well known in the industry and his best-selling online book, SEOBook, is cited by many well known search professionals. The information in this book is invaluable and I re-read the book each time it is updated.

In addition to the book and blog, is well known as one of the best sources for SEO tools. In fact, I have used and recommended the keyword suggestion tool to many colleagues and I would be surprised if that was not the most trafficked page for him aside from the home page. If you are not familiar with SEOBook, you certainly should make a note of it and take a look.

Aaron has created several SEO tutorial videos, has his own YouTube channel, and recently dedicated a page on his site to SEO Videos and SEM Videos.

Here is one great video from his site:
This video provides information related to PR and search engine marketing.

Here are some links to the video resource sections on SEOBook:

Reel SEO on SEOBook


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