Service Providers for Real Estate Videos and Slide Shows

Service Providers for Real Estate Videos and Slide Shows

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A while back ReelSEO interviewed the CEO and Co-Founder of Wellcomemat.  We know that using online videos and slideshows for marketing real estate online can be incredibly effective.  In fact, in September of last year, we covered some research which showed that the use of an online video tour in marketing real estate property can increase the perceived value of a home by 6%.

Since then there has been an explosion of real estate online video usage. Well maybe not a real explosion but there’s certainly a good deal of growth. So in classic ReelSEO style we thought it was time for a quick run down of all there is to know about opening doors, showing spaces and then selling them online using video.

This list is alphabetical (well reverse just to be different) and in no way represents the quality or usefulness of any of the sites mentioned.

ZIPVO – The Real Estate Media Network as they say on their site. It allows agents to enhance, broadcast and market themselves and their properties. Plus it gives social networking capabilities like blogging and profiles. Meanwhile they’re also doing some news and events coverage to keep their users up to speed on the industry.

WellcomeMat – A leader in the real estate video revolution which allows new kids on the block to hook up with old schoolers and go for the gold. Do-it-yourselfers, video producers, and more come here to meet, do business and make real estate video. Targeted at real estate pros, video creation specialists, business and service providers and those needing a video solution.

Vidlisting – A real estate solution for property brokers around the world. Supply both delivery and virtual hosting and then step into the shadows. They are able to brand the entire experience for you and do all the backend work without the users really knowing. Also do consulting if you’re looking to host on your own.

Turn here – Turn here is more about marketing their own services in video creation and advertising. They maintain a worldwide database of creative talent in regards to filmmaking, their very own video production platform and ‘authentic storytelling-style filmmaking.’ Does everything from supplying video profiles for small businesses to selling high quality video created by them. Not really real estate focused but useful.

RealEstateShows – Also provide the ability to create short videos from still images like PropertyReviews and Animoto (both below). They state that within five minutes you’ll have a stunning Internet show that looks and feels like a TV commercial. Color me slightly skeptical but I could be wrong. Provide MLS compliant links and all kinds of cool tools in the video player like mortgage calculator, floor plans, nearby schools and more.

RealeFlix – DISCONTINUED – The motto here is “showcase your place.” They not only offer video listings but also attempt to educate you with a series of tutorials and useful information on how to create your video, market your property and more. While many of the listings I looked at didn’t have video, it is possible. They even offer information on outsourcing your video production and even how to use social networks to your advantage. Interesting and useful.

PropertyPreviews – The ‘quick and easy way to create a real estate video to market a property. Allows you to provide quick video clips and images to enhance the marketing potential of the property for your clients (or yourself). Can generate video from images as well. Similar to Animoto from the sounds of things 6-10 photos for a 30-60 second video. Also gives links to distribution of the video.

Luxury Walkthru (or Online Walkthru) – This place does specialize in real estate, as well as travel and they focus on making ‘mini-documentaries’ which are designed to engage the viewer and make them want to buy, or travel one might suppose. They have four main areas – luxury marketing of high-end property, regional marketing for multiple purposes (relocation, attracting new businesses, etc), video production (including HD) and DVD creation.

Fizber – For Sale by Owner? Well then here’s the place you need to be. Linked with over 70 partner sites including web and MLS (for a fee of course). Allows video and photo upgrades, locates schools. Videos are also uploaded to YouTube. They also provide the seller with marketing materials for local marketing, not just online type stuff here.

Animoto – A service I covered some time back and gave poor marks to that has been continuing to expand their business and services offered. I’m not sure if they’ve got it quite right yet but they’re trying. They allow you to create video showcase pieces using still images. Gives you some options in sound and titling but slaps a large logo that consumes a fair chunk of time at the end. Also offer business level services where you are able to reduce the logo apparently.

Hey, have you got a service the falls into the video real estate area? Then contact me and I’ll look it over and add it to the list as time goes on. If you’ve got some over online video solution or advertising service then contact me also and we can talk about getting an overview of the service up as well as getting it added to a pertinent list.


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