Video Pre-Roll Ads A Thing of The Past? Comparing Video Ads

Video Pre-Roll Ads A Thing of The Past? Comparing Video Ads

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The concept of video advertising is not new to the Internet, however for some time the new video revolution that has taken the Internet with a storm, coupled with the concept of user generated content has led to the video ads gaining the spot they deserve on the center stage of Internet advertising.

The most common approach towards video advertising is Pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll, advertising. Pre roll advertisements start before the video begins and the viewer has to sit through the entire advertisement, if he does not want to rely on chances, rather wants to ensure that ha can watch every single second of the video from its beginning.

Comparing Video Ads: Why Pre roll advertising is a thing of past!

While this approach was considered to be successful in the earlier days of Internet video, the things have changed for some time now. With the options that are now available to a person who wants to see a video, it has become very easy to leave the site that offers pre roll advertising and to go to other websites, where advertising is done by different approach.

WebProNews discusses a poll from Harris Interactive that demonstrates that while nearly a third of YouTube users are watching online video instead of TV time, almost 3/4 of these users will not be happy with pre-roll advertisements.

The main reason behind his is that people just do not want to wait; they are averse to the idea of waiting at all so they take the alternate route and go to other site. The result has been considered in the form of mid file video ads and contextual advertising. The mid file advertising concept is only applicable when the videos are played in a play list like mode. The ads can be placed in between one or more videos. This means that the viewer can not yet close the window is he wants to see the next video.

Advertising should always be done in a discrete manner and not like the way the consumer feels that advertising is being forced on him. Since almost all the Web 2.,0 experts and commentates including Steve Bryant of the New Your Times inform us that people just do not want to see pre roll advertising. This led to the fact that as high as 60 of every hundred times that a person encounters a pre roll ad, he just abandons the page.

The result has been that the companies have developed new video advertising formats and units that play as the video runs. With this advertising concept the picture has just changed. People are now able to instantly start watching videos and the ads are shown on the video as an unobtrusive overlay, for example as the bottom of video like a banner or scrolling bar. One of the earliest adapters of this advertising was Amir Ashkenazi’s Since then even the online video giant Youtube has started to take this approach in a testing manner with video overlay ads. Recently, Time Warner announced a strategic investment in ScanScout – who developed a contextually based ad placement platform for videos.

Most of the industry experts have passed the judgment that while pre roll advertising is a thing of past, overlay advertising is here to stay.


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