Video Marketing Tops Search Marketing As A #1 Priority for Brands and Agencies In 2010?

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TurnHere just released some findings from a survey that they conducted in Q3 with brands and marketing agencies from a wide range of industries.  The purpose of the research study was to explore current and future trends in the use of online video amongst marketers across companies of all sizes. And, as you might expect, the news is good for the business of online video.

Again, given that this research was conducted in-house at a company who’s life blood relies on the success of online video, you might expect nothing but good news for online video.  That being said, the survey seems to have been well thought out and there are some very positive results from the survey which point to the overall notion that online video has and will continue to have a prominent place in the marketing arsenal. Regardless of any perceived subjectivity, these results seem to support similar findings we’ve seen from other recent research studies .

Overall, there were 116 respondents which came from companies of all sizes, with annual marketing budgets of as low as $100K to more than $5 million. Companies that participated included Fortune 500 brands, regional brands, digital, PR and traditional agencies and respondents included those at all levels, from CEOs to those working within marketing departments.

Here are some of the key findings:

1) When asked to rank various online marketing priorities for 2010, video was ranked as the top priority, edging out both email, search marketing, and social media campaigns.

Please rank the priority of the following online marketing initiatives for your company in 2010 from 1 (being not a priority) to 4 (being a top priority).


2) In most companies the internal marketing team is responsible for making decisions about use of online video (81% of respondents). Internal PR teams and internal digital teams were second with 15.5% each.

Who makes decisions regarding the use of online video in your organization?


3) The top reasons for video use given: branding (60%), gaining exposure on video sites like YouTube (54.7%) and creating viral content (48%)

What are the major factors that compelled you to use online video?


4) Companies are experimenting across a wide range of video marketing: 57% have created branded video; 40% have used video for product or service demos, and 37% for customer or employee testimonials.

What type of online video have you made in the last 12 months (check all that apply)?


To see the rest of the findings, you can download a free copy of the report here (PDF)


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