A Simple & Effective Video Marketing Strategy –  Video Creator Tips #12

A Simple & Effective Video Marketing Strategy – Video Creator Tips #12

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This week we feature a Producer Tip from another one of you all, the viewers and readers of ReelSEO.com! Dan Safkow recently won a video contest through ReelSEO.com sharing his tip for video creators. He uses an acronym and an example of what a simple and effective video marketing strategy could look like. Great advice and tips here for all online video producers who are using video to market a product, brand, company, or even themselves personally.

A Simple & Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Producer Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web.



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Tim: In this week’s Creator Tip we show you guys how to create a very effective yet simple marketing strategy for your company, for your brand or even for yourself.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tips where every week we kind of give you guys who are producing video content some tips, ideas, strategies, hints and suggestions – anything else we can come up with to help you guys really be successful with your online video initiatives.

A couple of weeks ago on our website at ReelSEO.com we ran a video contest and some of you guys submitted your tips for us to use here on our Creator’s Tip weekly episode series.

This week I’d like to introduce you to another ReelSEO.com reader. His name is Dan Safkow and he shows his tips about how to create a video marketing strategy that’s simple, effective and great. Here’s Dan.

Dan: I call it H.A.C. H.A.C is an acronym for How to, Answer and Call to action. Let me show you how it works. So let’s begin with Paul. Paul is an expert bee keeper who wants to build a list of bee keeping protégés that he can offer his expertise to. So he goes to the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool or the YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool and enters his keywords. He wants to do this to see what people are already asking and looking for via Google and YoutTube.

He discovers that a popular question is ‘how to smoke bees’. Now it sounds like something you shouldn’t do without a prescription, but I will assume that Paul is on the up and up. First he creates a title. The title might be something like How to Smoke Bees to Keep Them Calm. So not only does he ask the how-to question, but he implies the solution in the title. And when he uploads to YouTube he’ll use this as his title.

Next he creates the video. He opens up the video by repeating that title. Having that continuity between Google, the YouTube title and your opening introduction will tell the viewers that they have come to the right place for the answer.

So he opens up the video with something like this. In today’s bee keeping tip for beginners, how to smoke bees and keep them calm.

Next he’ll introduce himself and he’ll offer his unique answer. And he’ll end the video with a strong call to action. The call to action is the desired next step. It might go something like this.

For more tips and tricks for beginning bee keepers, visit PaulsAwesomeBeeKeepingSecrets.com.

So there you go. The simple but effective H.A.C. formula. How to, Answer and Call to action.

Tim:You can check out Dan’s channel by clicking right there or if you’re watching this on a mobile device, the link-to is in the description below. He’s got a lot of other great content there you can check out. What tips do you guys have for creating a simple yet effective video marketing strategy? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and share that with us, or if you want to leave a video response you can click right there and do that as well.

If you’d like to submit your video for an upcoming Creator’s Tip episode, all you’ve got to do is create your video, upload it to YouTube and then you use our messaging system – you can click right here to do that. Here on YouTube to send it to us directly. Please don’t use any background music and if you use titles make them discreet and helpful not just like plastering your name all over it.

If you’d like subscribe to our channel. Every week we release some new video content for you guys who are creating video stuff online just to help you guys out. So click on subscribe button above the studio here on YouTube or you can click that right there and do that as well. Love to have you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. The links for that are in the description below this video on YouTube and we will see you guys again next week for another Creator’s Tip and then on Monday for another look at the Reel Web and all sorts of good fancy stuff, so I will see you then. Bye.


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