How To Write a Video Marketing Story for your Business

How To Write a Video Marketing Story for your Business

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In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we we give you some tips and tricks about how to craft a story that will really sell your product or service and promote your business through online video. Story-telling is a powerful and effective form of online video and we’ve already given you 8 tips to write effective video marketing scripts but we want to focus in on the story-telling aspect on that today, including how to open the story.

How to Open your Video Marketing Story

There are five different ways that you can open your video marketing story that work very well;

#1 Introduce Yourself

Give the viewer a reason to care about you, and give them that reason very quickly. They need to be able to identify with you and to buy into what you are saying. Make them need to keep watching the video because they want to know more.

#2 Solve a Problem

The viewer is more likely to watch if they know their particular problem or issue may be addressed.

#3 Ask a Question

Many people are turning to YouTube or other platforms to find answers to their particular questions. If you ask a question that others also want answers to, they may tune in to find out if you are experiencing the same things you are.

#4 Share a Personal Story

There is nothing more engaging than hearing someone talk about their problems or concerns and how they were solved. When you start talking to your viewers about something very personal to you regarding an issue then you open up the possibilities for engagement and connection.

#5 Talk about your Expertise

Of course, just addressing an issue isn’t going to be enough. Let your target audience that your product or service is capable of addressing the problem they have. When you put yourself in the spotlight, you need to very quickly establish that you are an expert in that field.

What You Can Express Through your Video Marketing Story

#1 What Makes YOU Unique?

What make you our your business any different from the hundreds of thousands of other companies out there? Why should something buy your product or work with you, especially if you work in a very competitive arena.

#2 What is your Customer Service Philosophy?

What do you do that makes your customers feel very valued? Hopefully (because you have a great customer service philosophy, right?), you’ll have lots of stories to tell of clients who have been left happy and satisfied with the attention they received from you and your company.

#3 How can Your Customers Find You?

Give your customers a place to find you – either a physical address or a website.

#4 Summarize your Value

Once you have covered the basics, succintly and briefly sum up what you can offer.

#5 Finish with a Clear Call to Action

This could be on screen or in the description for the video. A previous post goes into great detail regarding the best ways to incorporate effective call to actions for your video.

Check out the YouTube Advertising Playbook if you want to dig into this topic a little more. We’d love to hear from you regarding tips for crafting great story-telling videos that sell your products and promote your products.


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