Video is No Longer an Option, It’s Go**amn Mandatory

Video is No Longer an Option, It’s Go**amn Mandatory

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So, attendees of the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit were welcomed to the event with a video created by Bonfire Labs, with the theme of storytelling at its heart.  With Danny McBride’s rude Kenny Powers character breaking through in the famous K-Swiss ads and announcing, “We’re turning s*** on its god**** head,” the video proclaimed that video itself…was mandatory.  In other words, video is something brands should be embracing, being creative and unafraid when delivering a different kind of campaign, one that is entirely different from what they would put on TV.

Bonfire Labs’ “Video Is Mandatory”

This video really kicked the Summit off to a good start (note: it has a little bit of bad language):

What do you think?  Is video “mandatory?”  The audience online is so different from the one that watches mostly TV.  Some brands are missing out on this group by creating ads, or repurposing ads, that use the old TV style.  Video is more of a social game, it requires a representative of the company to engage in comments, getting a conversation started around the video, winning advocates–it’s an entirely new way of gaining fans and driving business.

So it’s not just creating video for an online audience that is mandatory, it’s getting with the program of today’s world, where people want to be a part of everything, want updates on everyone in their life, want to get lots of feedback on everything they say and do.  You’re targeting this audience, not the ones who are simply kicking back on their couch and watching TV all day.

We’d like to thank Bonfire Labs for creating this video for us!


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