More Delicious Video Good News: Ooyala’s 2012 Report

More Delicious Video Good News: Ooyala’s 2012 Report

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Ooyala sent out a report recently that basically sums up what we know: online video had amazing spikes in 2012 and is likely to have even more spikes as the use of mobile phones and tablets increase to record numbers.  But, there are some “exploitable” stats they came out with: for instance, a nice peak in video consumption occurred between Black Friday and Christmas this year, something brands will need to keep in mind this year.  Ooyala also predicts 1.5 billion people will be watching video in 2016.  That’s a staggering amount than neither you nor I can actually picture in our brains.

Ooyala’s 2012 Year-In-Review

Highlights of their 2012 study include:

We Watched A Bunch of Branded Video from Black Friday to Christmas: Conversion rates jumped 91% from the start of the quarter to mid-December.


We Definitely Increased Our Mobile/Tablet Usage: Ooyala says by a cool 100% (they got this information from Cisco).


Live Video Is Highly Engaging: On desktops, viewers watched live video 18 times longer than VOD content.


Long-Form Premium Content Is Emerging: Close to one-third of the total time on tablets were spent watching premium content that exceeded 60 minutes.  And the percentage of time watching anything over 10 minutes increased 37% from Q1 to Q4.


Android vs. Apple.  Android devices are outselling Apple worldwide, but Apple users watch more video, twice as much in fact.


Ooyala’s outlook into the future:

  • 1.5 billion people will watch video online in 2016.
  • In five years, smartphone video viewing will grow 10 times what it is now.
  • Video viewing over IP will catch up to traditional video viewing.

We’d like to thank Ooyala for their insightful information!



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