Why Video Has Earned its Place at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Why Video Has Earned its Place at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

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Attendees of the 2014 ReelSummit were able to access an invaluable amount of testimonials and data about the value of video in the digital marketing mix. In one panel, “Video Across the Buyer Cycle: Awareness to Consideration to Advocacy“, we were shown some real world examples of companies that are using video in innovative and effective ways across the buyer journey.

Moderated by Renee Teeley of Brightcove, the panel also included David Boyll of Oracle, Max Anderson of Nextiva, and David Lawless of EMC, and our guests discussed the incredible opportunities that exist in leveraging online video as a communications tool to help guide the customer/buyer’s journey through the entire business life-cycle. To understand how video can be used to engage prospects, as well as your current client base, business partners and more, we filmed the entire presentation for our readers. You can also read about some of the highlights of the panel below.

Using Targeted Video Content to Drive Customer Conversions

A recent report indicated that 71% of marketers believe video is better for conversions than any other form of content. David Boyle of Oracle showed the audience an example of a video that the company had made to support a very important product release. It was produced with a very target audience in mind, distributed on external platforms and social networks, and included strong call-to-actions for the viewer, both contextual and in-frame. Links to a central registration page were provided, and this data was then collected.

The video was produced as a ‘teaser’, aimed at enticing those who are interested in learning more to sign up for extra information via a registration gate. Oracle wanted to stimulate interest in its live webcast about the product, and also drive traffic to a place where they could collect the data they wanted. Once viewers had signed up for that extra information, they were given access via a unique landing page. The product is aimed at IT buyers so further resources were provided in the form of white papers, customer stories etc. A live-chat feature was also available to those viewers who wanted extra information about the product, which the company then used to generate sales leads.

When you intend to use video as a conversion tool, it’s vital to have that objective in mind when creating that video content. The above video is a very short teaser, aimed at a very niche target audience, with a very clear call-to-action for them to act on. Oracle wanted something ‘snackable’ that was easily accessible via a mobile device and had a very low barrier to entry. For Oracle data really matters, and the company used previous learnings from conversion metrics to hone its message and produce a video that was of benefit both to its customers, potential customers, and to the brand itself.

We’d like to thank Renee for moderating, and for David, Max and David for providing their expert knowledge of using video in the customer life-cycle for attendees of ReelSummit 2014.


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