Video Content Discovery: YouTube Is Missing A Trick With Curation

Video Content Discovery: YouTube Is Missing A Trick With Curation

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Finding good content can be challenging when you’re not sure what you’re looking for but free video curation sites like 5by and Devour are great resources for discovering content. Their curators hand pick videos from YouTube and make it easier for users to find things they’re interested in. One of the challenges with content discovery is that video platforms like YouTube are optimized for search and suggested videos. Finding things is easy if you know what you’re looking for, or if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. But if that’s not the case, you’re on your own.

That is, until you realize there are curation sites that will do the hard work of scouring through hundreds of videos for you. Sites like 5by, Devour, ShowYou and Blinkx all try to make it easier for users to find things they’re interested in. Many of them approach the challenge by building categories and channels around topics, such as sports, comedy and style.

Curation Is A Measure Of How Interesting The Video Is

Although the curation sites may also highlight viral videos, it’s more about bringing together captivating clips from around YouTube and Vimeo. Videos by talented video creators, web-savvy media companies and ambitious content marketing brands like Red Bull and GoPro are there, side by side, competing for the same eyeballs. In that sense, the model is similar to Netflix and represents the future of TV: content is accessible on multiple devices and only evaluated based on how interesting it is.

It’s puzzling that YouTube shows little interest in curation, while Vimeo has seen the value of Vimeo Staff Picks. YouTube does have auto-generated topic channels, but the company underlines that the videos are chosen based on popularity and do not convey an editorial opinion. Recently, Google even killed YouTube Charts – a page that was hardly promoted but which made it easy to browse through popular videos in various categories and geographical regions. (The URL now redirects to a relatively useless auto-generated channel.)

Search may have transformed the Internet, but videos still get lost in translation because it’s difficult to quantify quality before something becomes successful. Having 100 hours of video uploaded every minute is not an asset unless the right people find it, watch it and share it. Video curation is growing as a phenomenon because the world needs tastemakers and editors, now more than ever.

The below video is an introduction to video curation services and will hopefully inspire you to try them out.


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