Make Your Videos Easy To Share – Reel Video Producer Tips #1

Make Your Videos Easy To Share – Reel Video Producer Tips #1

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Every week we bring you The Reel Web, ReelSEO’s very own video series featuring news and notes from around the online video world. We also include a weekly video producer tip–some piece of advice or instruction that video producers can put into action right away to help improve their content and their video marketing. 

Because some readers have found these tips to be pretty useful, we’ve decided to break them out on their own to begin building a library of The Reel Web video producer tips as an easy access resource for filmmakers.

The first weekly online video producer tip from The Reel Web is all about making it easier for your viewers to share your video:

Don’t focus just on getting views. Try to boost user engagement. Here are some of the ways you can do that, taken from of this week’s video producer tip:

  1. Ask viewers to share the video.
  2. Use so viewers can easily tweet your video.
  3. If you can’t ask viewers to share within your video, ask using an annotation instead.
  4. What goes around comes around. If you want people to share your video, be pretty active in sharing other people’s videos.
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This week’s creator tip for those of you who make video for the web is that, don’t focus just on getting views, try to boost user engagement and try to
help them share your video with people as well. Getting views is relatively easy, I mean, any amount of money can buy views from YouTube’s promotion
program or something like that. Find creative ways to get users to share your video, not just watch it. That way, as they share them on Facebook and
Twitter, you can have the potential to get exponentially more views then you would if you just tried to make the next viral video or pay lots of money
for promoted videos.

A couple really simple and easy ideas for you, one is, ask your viewers to share your videos somewhere towards the end if they’ve watched it that long,
they’re probably pretty engaged and still watching. So towards the end of your video, ask them, you know, share with your friends on Facebook if you
like this video or thought it was scary or thought it was funny or whatever kind of content you might happen to create.

Number two, use, it makes it super easy for you to set up a tweet for people to automatically send out just by clicking a little link
you provide for them in the description below your video. And hint, that link is below our video as well so go check that out.

Number three, if your video content is such that it might be a little tacky or weird for you to pop up at the end of your video like hey, share me with
all your friends, just use like a YouTube annotation or something, just something to remind them, that’s all it takes just to give them that little
push, that little reminder, hey, if you like this, share with your friends, we’d really love it. Just something simple.

And fourth, the principle that what goes around comes around is kind of true when it comes to sharing stuff on the web. If you want people to share
your video, be pretty active in sharing other people’s videos and their content as well. Those people who see that you are sharing their stuff will
probably appreciate that and in turn, turn around and maybe promote some of your stuff and scratch each other’s back a little bit, you know.

So try some of that, hopefully that helps you boost user engagement and gets you a lot more views rather than just trying to generate lots of traffic.
Thanks for hanging out with us, guys. Bye.


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