Video Concept Tips: Appeal To The Shared Pain Of Viewers

Video Concept Tips: Appeal To The Shared Pain Of Viewers

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Every single one of us has our own pet peeves. Little annoyances can build up over time, making small issues into giant ones. Smart video creators and marketers know that referencing the little annoyances in life and appealing to the shared pain of the viewing audience is a great way to hook them quickly and get them engaged.

Viewers are hooked because, they too, are annoyed by that thing. And by exaggerating the everyday annoyance, brands and individuals are able to mine this common frustration for laughs, sending the audience away smiling and happy.

Improv Everywhere’s Spinning Beach Ball Of Death

Improv Everywhere just gave us a fantastic example of this kind of concept—using a common pet peeve to draw the audience in and get them on your side—and they did it in typical Improv Everywhere style… with a surprise public performance. This time, however, instead of taking over a bus station or a supermarket, the crew took a typical TED talk and turned it on its ear.

Check it out:

How You Can Apply This To Your Own Video Marketing

I’m not suggesting that every creator or small business owner has an entire improvisational singing and acting troupe at their disposal. I’m not suggesting you can get TED to partner in crime with you and allow you to hijack a talk as they did here.

But what Improv Everywhere has done with this video, whether they realized it or not, is give you a pretty decent roadmap for video success. Just look at the things they did right that helped the video find and entertain its audience:

Started with a common shared pain to hook the audience and lower their guard.

Exaggerated that common annoyance to the point of hilarity. Everyone hates the loading beach ball (at least in the Mac-using community), but after the initial normal appearance, Improv Everywhere ups the ante with more beach balls, spinning umbrellas, and full-body leotards.

Entertained beyond the initial attention-getter—there is no shortage of colorful moving shapes and sounds throughout the entire video.

Any one of those is an actionable nugget of learning we can each take and apply to our own video concept efforts. If you want to draw the audience in, start by sharing their pain… and then exaggerate the heck out of it.


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