Fun Video Friday: Of Course It’s The Christmas Edition

Fun Video Friday: Of Course It’s The Christmas Edition

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It’s the last Friday before Christmas so we have quite a smattering of festive videos including three, yes three, fireplace themed ones. Our first lot of videos are decidedly non-festive but they do feature Chuck Norris, Godzilla, King Kong and some 70’s funk so there’s something for all the family there. We have some great treats in store from the likes of Rhett and Link, Mental Floss and Kmart in our Christmassy section for your delight too. Happy Friday!

The success of a viral video can usually be measured in the amount of parodies it attracts and Van Damme’s splits routine for Volvo has garnered its fair share. Now, we have the Chuck Norris version where he attempts his daring CGI stunt between two jumbo jets, mid-air, whilst balancing 11 soldiers on his head. Loving the “OMG is he really doing this 4 REAL” comments…..

Because airports aren’t weird and stressful enough, Greg Benson of Mediocre Films decided to prank people by sitting next to them while they were on the phone and starting up a conversation with them based on what they were talking to the person on the other end about. Funny though.

IMHO, we don’t cover Godzilla nearly enough on ReelSEO, so I am thrilled and delighted to bring you the best monster ever fighting other monsters in 16 Bit. More please, editor!

Looking for that perfect 70’s soundtrack for your Christmas party? Look no further my friends as 88 minutes of “SoulTrain” goodness awaits you.

College Humor show us just how far Google are prepared to go to get us to sign up for Google+. Warning: NSFW

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitmas!

Today’s second appearance of Rhett and Link takes the shape of a Christmas dress up using your own face. How much does Hannah Hart look like Lena Dunham by the way? I bet she’s never heard that before.

It wouldn’t be any kind of occasion if Mental Floss didn’t create a fact-filled video for us. Christmas time is jam-packed with traditions, most of which have some pagan or other surprising origins. John Green brings us up to date with everything we didn’t know about Christmas trees, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and carolling.

Your Week In Crackling Log Videos

This seems to be a thing now. “Fireplace for Your Home” is a handy collection of 60 minute long videos of log burning fireplaces available to stream on Netflix for those who don’t have access to one, or are too lazy to light it. Choices include  “Crackling Yule Log Fireplace” and plain “Crackling Fireplace”.

And if we’re talking about fireplaces we may as well throw in a real life, adorable, snoring little sweetie like L’il Bub for an hour or two.

And now “Fireplaces: The Science Bit”:


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