Personalizing Video Analytics for Campaign Success – Interview With Omniture’s CEO Josh James

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We interviewed Josh James, CEO and Co-Founder of the online analytics and business optimization firm Omniture after his keynote presentation at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, Avoiding the Chasm of “Anticipointment, and asked him, is it possible to do a video ad campaign that offers personalized, relevant online experience for each visitor, and how could it be tracked?

“Yes, absolutely.” Says Josh. “We track certain media really well.  About 25% of our business is media customers.  A vast majority has some sort of streaming media.  We’ve worked with people like Adobe; we’ve worked with all the browsers that are out there to be able to measure anything and everything there is to know about video – how far do people watch, do they stop after 15 seconds, after 20 seconds.”

Video advertising advice from Ominture’s analytics findings

Josh also share Ominiture’s analytics data findings on what breakups and lengths of video ads perform best in long-format video content:

  • Have a 10-second ad at the beginning…
  • a 10-second ad in the middle…
  • …and a 30-second ad at the end

“We help our customers measure and understand the effectiveness of all these things . Then so having the data, just like serving another ad in a personalized way, you can also serve a video ad.”

Avoiding the Chasm of “Anticipointment”
 from un-personalized video ads

Josh explains that when customers see an ad, they have an expectation about what’s going to happen after that – what kind of message you’re going to deliver, and what kind of experience they are going to have once they get to your site. Hey says that whenever those expectations are not met, that’s where you have this chasm of  what he labels as “antici-pointment.”

“You’re costing yourself money, you’re costing yourself some brand value – that’s what you need to avoid.” He says. “The only way to do that is to provide a consistent, personalized experience for your customers.”

The Search Marketer as “Company Quarterback.”

Josh explained that achieving that for search marketers to achieve the necessary insight into creating a personalized experience with video campaigns, they have to act as a closed-loop marketing specialist and take a leadership role in their organization.

“The search marketer has the most powerful position in a marketing organization.” Hey says. “You are not just another player – you need to think of yourself as a quarterback.  You must make sure that all the other components (i.e., people) in your office are working together. You are the on-field general. So to search marketers – get out of the cubicle!”

Video Analytics with Omniture’s Site Catalyst

Back in March of this year, Omniture announced its most recent web analytics update- Site Catalyst 14 – with expanded video measurement and reporting capabilities, and claiming to “tell you more about visitor engagement and post-video behavior than you can find anywhere else.”

According to its own datasheets, Omiture advertises that its can do enhanced Web 2.0 measure of website video activity in multiple, personalized means:

  • In-video measurement – measure how many people are viewing video clips, how long viewers watch each clip, and determine the most effective content and video length for particular products based on visitor behavior.
  • Feature use – application feature use from any clip – individual or grouped.
  • Conversion use – what action people take beyond the video. (Good for deciding what video is contributing to actual revenue, orders, or other business goals.)
  • Consumer Generated Media (CGM) for video activity – including measurement of top videos, video views, time spent, exits, and single access from audience-generated video.
  • Social Networking – understanding the most viral or shared videos, the most popular videos, and the most influential video producers.
  • Visitor Interaction Profiling (VIP) – using video tracking to analyze the most important customer segments to deliver better targeted content, products and services. This can especially be done with side-by-side (A/B) comparisons of multiple customer profile segments (i.e., audience segmentation), and how they interact with website video content, towards a funnel path of multiple conversion goals.

Omniture’s Product Overview sheet for Site Catalyst also breaks down its program components for Video & Web 2.0 Optimization as follows:

  • Eleven different video optimization reports
  • Tracking of Flash applications used with the ActionScript programming language (Adobe Flash and Flex)
  • Eliminate dependencies on JavaScript for Flash tracking through the use of native ActionScript analytics
  • Full support for popular media players including Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and RealPlayer
  • Only one server call per video, minimizing network chatter
  • Video engagement and milestone tracking built into reports
  • Ability to find sweet-spots for ad placement by seeing the most viewed video sections
  • Class-based implementation for Flash and Flex video players, allowing for easier, faster deployment.


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