Video Advertising Networks – A Reel List of Video Ad Networks

Video Advertising Networks – A Reel List of Video Ad Networks

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We talk a lot about online video advertising, but we’ve never really combined all the options into one big list in the past. So, here you go, one ReelSEO Show Reel of online video advertising networks (in reverse alphabetical order so as not to show any favoritism and be unique). If you’re interested in tracking views across all major online video platforms, talk to our partners at Tubular Labs.

All copy taken from the respective websites. If you’re looking for a more subjective piece on whom you should use, check out Christophor Rick’s previous article Video Ad Networks – Where Should You Place Your Video Ads?. This list does not include mobile-only video ad networks.

In-Stream Video Advertising Networks

This is not a top ten list. If I’ve missed one or two ad networks, please let me know in the comments area below and we’ll add them over time.


As one of the leading video ad technology companies, YuMe understands the needs of marketers and their agencies to deliver results through effective and efficient delivery of their video campaigns across all screens. With brand-safe content, unmatched data and analytics, powerful reporting, and tremendous reach, they offer the tools marketers need to make connections with consumers and meet their campaign goals.

VPN – Video Performance Network

Video Performance Network is the Premier Video CPA Network that is unleashing revolutionary new standards in Video and Affiliate Marketing. Clickthru rates on Video are tremendously higher than banner click rates. Their platform levels the playing field by allowing Affiliates and Advertisers to cooperate and share in the rewards of advertising through Video.


This pack of people live with one passion only – to find and create as many platforms of entertainment communication as can possibly exist over the Internet! This includes live TV broadcasting, Mobile TV, Video On Demand to mobiles, Internet TV box, social network portals, web marketing portals. Their vision is to bring global communities together and provide virtual home environment – Anywhere – Anytime.


Vdopia is the largest Video Ad Network and Video Ad Platform that targets Indians across the world. It provides advertisers opportunity to advertise on the most premium online video content available on the internet. The company’s proprietary BrandConnect Ad technology combines the advantages of TV and Internet and provides unprecedented value to large brand advertisers and publishers, allowing Vdopia to deliver industry leading CPMs. Vdopia is a video ad network that has managed to monetize online video content effectively, this has resulted in massive growth in online video across all Indian websites.

Value Click Media

ValueClick Media offers innovative performance advertising solutions across its display and lead generation platforms. They leverage their twelve years of experience, proprietary data from across ValueClick, Inc., direct relationships with 8,000 sites, real-time bidding into major exchanges and their market-leading ad targeting and optimization technology to consistently deliver direct response and brand marketing performance of the world’s leading online advertisers.

UnderTone (acquired Jambo)

With their syndicated player, content management and ad delivery technology, Undertone delivers premium video inventory, giving marketers a new distribution channel for in-stream video married with high-value, branded content. And, the user-initiated or above-the-fold in-banner placements ensure the ads will be seen.

Tremor Media (Acquired ScanScout earlier in year)

Tremor Media is a leading online video advertising network providing advertisers with video advertising opportunities on over 2,500 in-stream sites and over 5000 in-page sites comprised of top-tier publishers with more than 190 million unique visitors per month. Tremor Media also offers the patent-pending Acudeo Video Monetization Platform for publishers, a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. Tremor Media’s full service solutions offer tools for advertisers and publishers to utilize online video advertising as a powerful interactive medium.


Just as Google and Overture revolutionized the search advertising space by creating a frictionless marketplace, the SpotXchange platform connects advertisers and sellers in a transparent and efficient marketplace where supply and demand are matched in real-time. SpotXchange has partnered with hundreds of publishers who represent tens of thousands of sites and tens of millions of daily video impression opportunities. Advertisers of all shapes and sizes, from small local businesses to Madison Avenue’s largest brands, currently advertise on the SpotXchange network.

Specific Media (acquired BBE)

Specific Media is one of the world’s largest independent media platforms and enables display advertisers to target consumers throughout North America and Western Europe based on demographics, behaviors, geographic locations and the contextual relevance of websites visited. Specific Media’s premium display network reaches nearly 160 million US consumers and 260 million consumers globally each month. As part of its continued effort to provide innovative, impactful solutions to brand advertisers, Specific Media wanted to expand its footprint beyond display into video. BBE Inc was an ideal partner with expertise and leadership in all elements of video advertising from the monetization (BBE Media) to tracking (VINDICO) to original programming (BBE OP).

ScanScout (aquired by Tremor Media)

Founded by two friends from MIT in 2005, ScanScout is the web’s largest in-stream video ad network, helping top brands engage their target audiences in high performing, 100% brand-safe environments. Their “secret sauce” is their  proprietary SE2 technology which analyzes audience behaviors to find the segments advertisers want, and catalogs billions of content data points across their network of sites, allowing us to determine the category and safety of an ad destination before it is served.

SAY Media (formerly VideoEgg, recently purchased SixApart)

The SAY Media platform brings together VideoEgg’s rich advertising platform with SixApart’s suite of content creation and aggregation tools to power advertising campaigns that are more conversational and interactive. The result is advertising that is more efficient, useful and social.

Monsoon Ads

Monsoon Ads is one of India’s largest digital Video Ad networks connecting advertisers and ad agencies to Indian audiences worldwide on major video content Internet portals and mobile applications. Monsoon empowers advertisers and brands to reach highly targeted audiences viewing on-demand video content on the internet and mobile mediums through its state of the art technology and its premium publisher network. Online Video views are growing at an unprecedented rate and Monsoon enables advertisers to leverage this paradigm shift in content viewing trends. Monsoon’s flagship advertiser base includes major brands such as MapmyIndia, Lenovo (India), Dish Networks, Star TV, Comcast (US).

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Media Network is an ad network of top-ranked commercial sites, which now gets you in front of an even larger audience with the addition of such high-traffic sites as The Wall Street Journal Digital Network,, and Bing, just to name a few. Their ad network is broad, giving you a way to connect with audiences either on a targeted or a performance basis, for excellent reach on a network you can trust.

Hulu – US-only

Leverage one of the web’s leading premium content libraries to effectively reach millions of consumers whenever they watch online. Serving hundreds of millions of streams per month, Hulu is a Top 10 online video property featuring an immense collection of premium entertainment across all genres and formats — television shows, feature films, clips and more, regardless of network or studio.


They have always believed that the most effective advertising comes from the intersection of the right ad, targeted to the right person, in the right environment. Not as easy as it sounds. Analyzing the billions of data points in their AMP Audience Cloud, and finding the right, top-tier inventory on the Internet takes experience and know-how.

CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive offers the ability to buy advertising directly through a self service ad store! Purchase inventory across a variety of leading online brands including CNET,,, Gamespot,, Chow, Urban Baby and many more.


Led by a team of Internet advertising veterans and engineers, BrightRoll has served billions of advertisements since they started. They achieved this growth by enabling agencies and brand advertisers to execute smart video ad campaigns across the industry’s leading publishers. Three-quarters of the top 50 advertising agencies work with BrightRoll to execute campaigns for their premier brands. By offering full site disclosure, detailed performance reports and flexible targeting, they provide advertisers with the reach, frequency, scalability, and transparency needed.

Break Media

Through their branded properties and the Break Media Network reach over 70 million men aged 18-34 each month. Break’s wholly-owned properties include:,,,,,,, and

Auditude (also owns Crosspoint Media)

Their platform helps satisfy the increasingly complex requirements of video advertisers while benefiting from multi-party demand. Auditude enable you to engage multiple sellers, turn on integrated ad network demand, and apply complex advertising rules like category exclusions, sponsorships, share of voice, composite ads, in-stream pods, ad pacing—and more. is the technology, data and insights arm of AOL Advertising. At the heart of’s technology is AdLearn, the most advanced optimization and bid management system in the business. AdLearn has processed up to ten billion transactions per day for the past ten years.


LongTail’s AdSolution includes Premium Ads which are advertisements from high quality advertisers and Ad Networks. Many Premium Ad Networks have minimum volume requirements in order to directly work with them. AdSolution provides publishers, who do not meet those minimum volume requirements, a way to work with Premium Ad Networks. Sample Premium Ad Networks include Google’s AdSense for Video, Scanscout, and Yume. The AdSolution is LongTail Video’s self service Video Advertising Network used by thousands of websites which serves hundreds of millions of Video Ads monthly. Websites that use the JW Player can sign up and start running Video Ads in minutes.


AdoTube provides agencies and advertisers with premium in-stream atop relevant video content, helping media buyers utilize the video space efficiently and effectively to accomplish various goals: branding, tune-in, engagement, return on ad spend, leads, etc. AdoTube has worked with leading brands such as Federal Express, ABC, AT&T and Fox and has partnered with top digital agencies, including: Media Contacts, Mediaedge, OMD, Avenue A, and many others.


Online video advertising, a natural extension of the successful TV format, combines the power of the moving image with the interactivity and target-ability of the web. Adconion offers targeting technology, a breadth of video advertising executions and creative production studios.


adBrite’s Exchange provides a yield management solution. Their advertisers range from small local companies to world-wide advertising agencies, to demand side platforms, real time bidders, ad networks, and everyone in between. develops video advertising trading, serving and management technology.  The marketplace (atm) is an online video advertising marketplace. atm connects advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks with a robust marketplace to make smart buying and selling decisions in real-time. is also the creator of OneSource, an online video ad serving platform.

Video Ad Networks – Video Seeding

YouTube Promoted Videos

Whether an AdAge 100 advertiser or a local retailer, everyone can broadcast their ad campaign on YouTube and tap into the world’s largest online video community with promoted videos.  You can easily drive additional views to your videos on a cost-per-view basis and doing so allows you to place an overlay ad on your video directing users back to a URL of your choosing.  You can learn more about the benefits of YouTube Promoted Videos here.

TubeMogul PlayTime

TubeMogul delivers video views for any online video campaign . They offer advanced targeting capabilities in the industry, transparency and robust campaign measurement.


Sharethrough is a social video advertising platform and distribution network. Sharethrough’s customers include top brands, media and creative agencies. The company has run over 200 social video advertising campaigns, including some of the most watched brand videos to-date. Founded in 2008 by Brett Keintz, Dan Greenberg, Matt Monahan and Rob Fan, Sharethrough is based in San Francisco.


AlphaBird enables video content producers to engage a guaranteed target audience with their video through a network of website publishers, social networks, mobile devices, and digital out-of-home devices. AB guarantees delivery of any video to any desired audience on a performance basis. AlphaBird was founded and is managed by online video industry veterans from ValueClick (NASDAQ: VCLK), InfoSpace (NASDAQ: INSP), and Sony (NYSE: SNE).

Misc Video Ad Solutions

SocialAds (by TwitVid)

Over 100 million people visit Twitter every month and use Twitter to get the latest news and updates from businesses they like. Building and engaging a Twitter audience is important for social media marketing. SocialAds can help to get more Twitter Followers and Retweets using online video.


AffiliatePLY, a PLYmedia division, is a video ad network that enables video distribution and monetization, based on various commission models.  It enables advertisers to gain from the power of affiliates, by re-purposing their commercial or tutorial video content and by enabling for distribution of their video and campaigns based on action rather than impressions. Publishers can provide their viewers with an interactive video experience and earn money for directing relevant and meaningful viewers to the video advertisers.

Cutting through the hype – Top Video Ad Networks

As I said, all that copy above is from their websites, read that article I mentioned for some thought on where to go and why. For pure facts, here are comScore’s Top Ten video ad networks as of September 2010 in terms of video ads viewed.  Also – here is a post written by Christophor Rick showing his choice in video ad networks.


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