Video Ads Are THE Most Effective Ad Format

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In the past, I’ve written about how video ads perform when compared to traditional banner ads.  Now, Google confirms the strong effectiveness of video advertising with a recently released a study via DoubleClick which states Rich media ad formats with video outperform all other types of ads by an overwhelming margin. According to the research video ads even outstrip Flash animation and can be the deciding factor on whether or not it’s a successful campaign.  By measuring the consumer intent to purchase a product the study, “The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads”, has found that people who see a video in a rich media ad are more likely to make the purchase. Google is trying to determine the answer to how differing types of ad formats impact results for brands.

DoubleClick tasked Dynamic Logic Data to compile the data and find the answer. The company used surveys which were shown to consumers after they see an ad, and correlates the results to whether or not they viewed the advertisement.

It was found that ads with video generally increase intent to purchase by 1.16% over a control group that did not see an ad. versus Flash animation the intent to purchase rose 0.26%  That shows that consumers do find video ads more compelling than flash. The study also suggests that more rich media, i.e. video, is needed than simple images or even Flash animations. The market norm is 0.60% so video almost doubles it while simple flash performed the worst, falling short by about two-thirds.


Considering that Flash ads have been around for some time now part of this could be down to consumers simply not even looking at Flash ads or have created some mental blocks.

Now ads with video vs without video have turned out to be more favorable for brands. A full 2.3% more consumers said they favored a brand that had a video ad unit as opposed to other ad formats. Flash only boosted preference a measly 0.15%. The study also said that the best first exposure idea is video.  They go on to suggest that to save money on a campaign,  follow it up with less expensive media like images and Flash which will still retain positive feelings.


Over 4,000 campaigns were tracked through 2008, by Dynamic Logic’s MarketNorms marketing effectiveness database. Campaigns needed two things: One of four ad formats: simple Flash, JPG/GIF, rich media with video, and rich media without video and a questionnaire that used standard MarketNorms branding questions.

I highly recommend reading and downloading the whole study here – The_Brand_Value_of_Rich_Media_and_Video_Ads.pdf

Of course the study then went on with a bit of self-promotion stating that using the DoubleClick DART for Advertisers was one of the best ways to control costs and quickly change ad content. They state that it can save money by optimizing ad content quickly and easily.  Overall, I think that the point here is the same point we try to make every day at ReelSEO – Video Fricken Rocks


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