Over 7.4 Billion Video Ads In October As Tremor Video Tops A Billion

Over 7.4 Billion Video Ads In October As Tremor Video Tops A Billion

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comScore has released the October 2011 Video Metrix report and the first thing that caught my eye, which I prognosticated on over a month ago, was Tremor Video topping one billion video ads a month, and they did it… and are continuing to close in on Hulu who is just about 250 million ads up on them.

Since I talked about video ads to start, I’ll stick with it and get to the rest of the stats for the month in another article altogether.

Video Ad Growth Continues

Tremor, as I said, showed 1.095 billion video ads. That was enough to put them into second place behind Hulu. However, they showed more ad minutes at 614 million versus Hulu’s 557 million. More importantly, they managed to maintain a much lower frequency of ads per viewer at 17.1 or about 1/3 of the average overall as opposed to Hulu who about set the mark with 46.5. On top of that, Tremor has more than double the reach of Hulu with 21.2% of the total US Population.

In comparison to Hulu who had an ad frequency of 46.5 per viewer and only reached 9.7% of the total US population the question remains, why advertise there ? Why pay, what have to be extremely high, rates to place ads at Hulu who only reached 2% more of the US population than CBS and didn’t outdo anyone else in the top ten ad networks according to comScore. Does this spell the end of ad dominance by Hulu? They should, at the very least, see their ad rates drop well into the industry averages zone now or perhaps even lower.

Top U.S. Online Video Ad Properties Ranked by Video Ads* Viewed
October 2011
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Ad Videos Only (Content Videos Not Included)
Source: comScore Video Metrix
PropertyVideo Ads (000)Total Ad Minutes (MM)Frequency (Ads per Viewer)% Reach Total U.S. Population
Total Internet : Total Audience7,467,3313,21746.952.7
Tremor Video**1,095,00361417.121.2
BrightRoll Video Network**756,3904668.828.4
Specific Media**512,1522506.526.1
CBS Interactive415,24416217.87.7
Microsoft Sites381,0901469.912.8
TubeMogul Video Ad Platform**345,0991676.816.9
SpotXchange Video Ad Marketplace**316,4631909.211.4

Chris’ Picks Where to Place Your Video Ads

I always like to give you some useful information and that generally means, where I think you should be placing your ads. This month first and second place are extremely close in my eyes, those two are Brightroll and Specific. What? After all that jabbering on about Tremor I don’t pick them in the top two? No, and I’ll get to that.

Top of this month’s list is BrightRoll who reached more Americans than any other video ad network in the chart with 28.4% which is pretty close to 90 million consumers about now. They also maintained a decently low frequency of 8.8 and combined, that means that your ads would be in front of a lot of eyes and not burn them out with repetition. Meanwhile, second place is Specific who scooped up 26.1% reach and coupled it with an amazing 6.5 ads per viewer.

In my mind, it’s sort of like air temperature. Human skin is usually unable to feel anything less than a five degree Fahrenheit temperature change (from what I remember reading some time ago) and I think that we, as savvy digital consumers, are the same with online video ads. We see no difference between 6.5 ads and 8.8 ads, unless of course it’s all on the same piece of content. So that difference is far outweighed by the extended reach of 2.3% which could be as much as 7 million Americans.

Third place goes to, not Tremor who ends up fourth because I think their 17.1 ads per viewer might be on the borderline of causing ad blindness. Think about it. It’s 17.1 ads that are averaging 33 seconds each (614M minutes / 1.095 Ads = 0.56 min/ad). At that point, online, I’m starting to zone out the ads for the most part.

So back to third place, which has to then be TidalTV who has a reasonably good 17.9% reach and a very respectable 6 ads per viewer meaning they’re not at all on the verge of causing involuntary ad blindness in my opinion.

Speaking of that, this is all just my opinion based on the numbers presented and some previous research I’ve compiled in my melon. I remember seeing a report that said 14 times was the most you could show an ad to someone and have it still be effective. I combine all that knowledge with how I watch online video (which I keep ridiculous records on so that I can write all this stuff actually) and then determine what my personal sort of cut off is in regards to how much ad load I can tolerate before I totally have blinders on, which manifests itself as me wandering off for a cup of chai or the toilet when an ad starts running.

I also recently read some research that said current online video ad loads are as effective as the current TV ad load, which is much higher (about 3x as much). They extrapolated that out to mean that online video ad loads should almost triple. But they totally missed the mark. What it really means is that, you don’t need to spend 3x to show 3x the ads and they are as effective as a normal TV ad load. That’s another thing that I always factor into my top three places to put your video ads and that’s why Tremor lost out to TidalTV for third place. I, for one, would not stand for 3x the advertising online that is there now and Tremor is showing about 3x the ads per viewer that TidalTV is.

A notable exclusion from the table is Adap.TV, who according to the comScore note, had a technology issue with their video census tags. Here are their September 2011 numbers.


Adap.tv was also showing some good growth. Aug-Sept they have 11.1% growth in video ads so if you were to extrapolate that to October they would be around 892.6 million video ads for the month. If they could drop their frequency to 10 or lower they could wiggle their way into my number three spot (Psst, Adap.TV…you see what I’m saying?! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).

For my ramblings on the rest of this months’ comScore Video Metrix check into my other article on that.

  • The duration of the average online content video was 5.5 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads accounted for 14.9 percent of all videos viewed and 1.4 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online.


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