Video Ads Land on Flipboard and They Won’t Auto-play

Video Ads Land on Flipboard and They Won’t Auto-play

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Hot on the heels of Spotify, another mega-site is embracing video advertising via its mobile app. This time it’s Flipboard, the content curation social platform with 100 million active users. The videos ads will play in a full-screen format when clicked on by the user, and the ads will last from between 15 and 30 seconds, although longer format are available to advertisers. The spots will appear in the most viewed sections of the site, such as entertainment, travel, news and sport.

Eight flagship brands will lead the campaign initiative; Chrysler, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Gucci, Jack Daniels, Lufthansa, Principal Financial Group, Sony Pictures’ Fury, and Woodford Reserve. Following the trial, Flipboard will open up the opportunity to other advertisers from 1st November.

Brands won’t have to pay extra for including video in ads, but there is an undisclosed campaign minimum. Christine Cook, Head of Advertising at Flipboard confirmed:

Study after study shows the enormous growth of video on mobile devices, and that video shows strong consumer engagement. This trend makes mobile video advertising critical for brands and is the perfect time for Flipboard to offer it to our advertisers.

Flipboard Video Ads Won’t Auto-play

Unlike Facebook, the video ads won’t auto-play so the user has the option whether to view them or not. Flipboard says that feedback from brands indicates that they see higher completion rates when users are given the choice to opt-in to play the video. Nicole McCormack, Flipboard’s West Coast Online Ad Sales Director, explained the decision:

When people are reading Flipboard and see an ad, we don’t want to suddenly be playing video that feels intrusive or causes latency in the experience. We believe that this experience works best within Flipboard and gives brands a great way to expand their relationship with readers.

What The Video Ads Will Look Like

Flipboard has released a taster of the video campaigns – full-page images with a video play button. Here you can see what the giant thumbnails will look like for the Gucci, and the movie ‘Fury’, featuring Brad Pitt:

flipboard video ads gucci

The video ad for Sony Pictures will run for just over two and a half minutes.

flipboard video ads brad pitt fury


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