Video Ads in the Living Room See Success on Smart TVs, Game Consoles [Report]

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Still watching those advertisements that aired during the Super Bowl? Sharing them? Talking about them with co-workers? If you answered yes, then that $4M per spot may just have been worth it. But how do you know if your ad is working and viewers are being affected? YuMe and Interpret did some research recently that looked at that specific facet of video advertising across the diverse eco-system of home-based connected devices.

The numerous video-capable screens that we all have in front of us at all times is astounding these days and that means there’s a very diverse eco-system of advertising delivery. But does that impact effectiveness? What does it do to brand awareness, favorability, recommendations and does it motivate post-exposure actions?

While this YuMe/Interpret Ad Effectiveness Studies research wasn’t about Super Bowl Ads, it could have accurate correlations to those ads as well. The study details presented are as follows:

Online studies conducted in August – October, 2013. Sample size of 100 control respondents and 100 respondents for each ad execution by platform. All cells matched by key demographics like age and gender as well as ownership/use of devices and platforms.

The devices and platforms they presented results for were the control group, the Smart TV/ Blu-Ray group and the PS3/Vidzone group for one study. In the other study it was more general, control, Smart TV, and Game Console/OTT. As for what they looked at, it included the impact of each advertising campaign across a wide range of connected devices, capturing brand metrics such as: brand awareness, brand favorability, consideration, recommendation, and post-exposure actions.

Personal Care Product Study

The first study they cited in the research was for a personal care product. Hmmm… Old Spice maybe? The campaign ran on smart TVs/Blu-Ray players and Playstation 3 apps. The control group was not exposed to the advertising, or to the specific ads on those platforms, perhaps? In terms of brand rating, my guess is this is “how would you rate this brand? Poor, fair, good, excellent, or something similar. There were massive jumps of 120% and 100% respectively compared to just 20% in the control group. That means 44% and 40% respectively, so not quite 50% rated the brand as excellent, but it’s better than most politicians!

yume interpret brand recall 1

For Brand Consideration which is purchasing related, as in, “I would DEFINITELY consider buying this,”  the control was at 38% and the first group saw 82% growth, for a total of 69% and 50% increase for a total of 57%. For Brand recommendation there was less impact. The control was at 44% and smart TV/Blu-Ray scored 45% higher for a total 64% and PS3 was 11% growth for just 49% saying they would recommend a brand after seeing the ads.

So, aside from the Brand Rating numbers, everything else was boosted over 50% of ad viewers which seems to be a good indication that these types of ads resonate quite well with the particular audiences that were found to own smart TVs, Blu-Ray players or the Playstation 3 game console. It could also be the particular product and ad content had something to do with it all as well.

In addition, agreement on key brand attributes among exposed groups was also higher. For example, the brand “makes you more confident” saw increases of +34% among smart TV/Blu-ray and 37% for PS3 and “makes you feel attractive to others” was up +18% for both executions.

But they don’t mention what the baselines were in the control for those last two. It could be single digits meaning even with the boosts, they could still be in single digits. Sometimes what is not said in study results is more powerful than what is.

Retailer Results

The second study they offered was for a retailer and had a broader audience as the categories are control, smart TVs and game console or other OTT (Roku, Boxee, etc). The retailer, “had near universal awareness,” but still only had an “excellent” rating of 31% in the control group. After ad exposure the ratings were up 100% in both groups, so 62% in each.

Yume Interpret brand study 2

As for purchasing consideration, the control was fairly high for definitely consider buying at the retailer. After ad exposure that sentiment was up 33% and 53% or 73% and 84% said they would definitely consider buying something from the retailer.

Brand recommendation was also pretty high in the control group at 45%. After ad exposure it climbed to 77% and 71% saying they would definitely recommend the brand, respectively.

Once again, positive sentiment around the brand was higher among those exposed but, even more importantly, brand association with ad messaging/campaign tagline was 13% and 21% higher among exposed groups.

Again, no baseline number in the control group and ad exposure boost was lower.

The study also talks about the ad standing out, being relevant to the experience and improving the experience, but I can’t find what the format for the ads were, so I’ll present the following in a void of information about the ad formats and content. There’s just not enough information to comment on any of the information below.

Yume and InterpretHopefully we can get our hands on the full report from one of the companies and get somewhat more in-depth on it all. The numbers are all favorable, which is to be expected, I just want to see all the information before I recommend rushing out to target viewers on those specific platforms as a cautious journalist should do.


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