Video Is Over 50% of Bandwidth Consumption In US

Video Is Over 50% of Bandwidth Consumption In US

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Just over 50% really. But it’s projected to continue growing of course. Limelight Networks shared some pretty cool data in New York yesterday. The major one, for ReelSEO readers of course, is the online video bandwidth usage.Check out that spiffy graph! It’s like some strange video game landscape all cool and colorful. I love it. I especially love that big red section of the sky, it’s like sunrise…for online video that is! It’s like a lightning bolt that spreads out into sheet lightning. It’s like…over half of all bandwidth usage! Online video in the US is obviously the market to be in…pat yourselves on the back.

They say that in the last year there has been over 107% growth in bandwidth usage they’ve sold. That’s pretty huge and that since Q1 2005 they have grown 47 times over. Taking into account things like number of users, connected devices, file sizes and usage patterns, I believe it.

The Cloud is the future and they quoted some research that says online video in the cloud will be worth $450 Million in 2011, a 17% growth, and transcoding will be worth $297 Million by 2014. So if you’ve got money to spend on a new business venture, I think you know where to put it now.

A lot of their presentation was pushing their service, which is only right as it was their developer and partner day. But I did find one more set of interesting info in it.

In the mobile space they had some info from Quantcast that says 56% of mobile web consumption is via an iOS device and that 25% is Android, but that is rapidly growing as it was less than 10% just last September. Also that iOS number is dropping as it was about 70% at that same time last year.

Well, the weekend is almost here and I’m about to go eat some bandwidth myself, mostly through video games but I’m sure I’ll see a couple videos as well.


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