VidCon 2016: Top Experts to Unlock Video Industry Secrets

VidCon 2016: Top Experts to Unlock Video Industry Secrets

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I know it’s only March. But, now is the time to start planning for VidCon, which will be held June 23-25, 2016, in Anaheim, CA. VidCon’s programming follows a three-track format, designed to appeal to everyone from the biggest media companies to the most passionate fans. And regular readers of ReelSEO should check out the VidCon 2016 Industry Track seminar series, which includes masterclasses from over 20 of the top experts in the online video industry.

Attendees of the Industry Track will hear first-hand lessons from expert brands including Discovery Communications, eBay, National Geographic, and Nestle; hear about the inner workings of video platforms Facebook and YouTube, and learn how to build audiences and make money on Snapchat and Periscope, as well as with virtual reality (VR). Here are some of the sessions in the VidCon 2016 Industry Track that I’d recommend attending:

Hacking Video Metadata – Mastering Metadata on YouTube, Facebook, and More

ReelSEO’s founder, Mark Robertson, will take a deep-dive into hacking your metadata, not only on YouTube, but also Facebook and other video platforms.

Think like a Marketer, Act like a Creator: How Nestle Toll House Won YouTube

Gabe Gordon, a Managing Partner of the Reach Agency, will take a deep dive into how Nestle Toll House won the hearts, minds, and stomachs of YouTubers with collaborations with top influencers like MyCupcakeAddiction. He’ll also highlight the five principles that marketers need use to find success with social video marketing.

Reverse Engineering the YouTube Algorithm

Matt Gielen, the VP of Audience Development & Programming for Frederator Studios and Network, takes a deep dive into how the YouTube algorithm works. He’ll share what he’s learned and give you actionable takeaways for increasing watch time, sharing, and subscriptions.

Snapchat Secrets – Getting Started, Getting Noticed

Taylor Nikolai, the CEO of Viral Spark and one of the original Snapchat stars, will share the secrets of Snapchat influencers, who are creating relevant organic content and building huge audiences. Learn why ephemeral media like Snapchat is so different from YouTube.

Hacking the Algorithm – Inside Facebook’s Secret Promotional Code

Jumpwire Media has been testing and re-testing Facebook’s algorithm, by varying different elements They will share the secrets learned to help you drive more engagement for your content

5 Ways Marketers can Leverage Live Streaming – and How to Calculate ROI

Ryan A. Bell, the Founder of the Periscope Community Summit, will show how to really get the most out of this video platform. Attendees will get access information such as how to track video views, how to drive viewer engagement, and what type of content works best.

Building a Successful Snapchat Channel

James Williams, the Director of Digital Video for National Geographic Partners, has developed a very successful Snapchat channel based around NatGeo content. Learn how the channel leverages vertical video, and how they learnt from their various mistakes to build a winning channel.

Creating and Deploying Personalized Social Videos at Scale

How do you create a personalized video for ten thousand people on social video channels? Well, eBay recently built and tested a program to do just that. Learn about trying to do mass customization of video on an astonishing scale.

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Video, Vine and Periscope

In this session, Kate Bowen, the Head of Entertainment Talent and Lifestyle Partnerships at Twitter, will confirm what every creator, marketer, and brand should know. She’ll be focusing on how to reach and then engage with your audience, and how Twitter makes stars valuable.

Advanced Video Discoverability Optimization 

In this session, Jeremy Vest, the Founder and CEO of VidPow, will show how to optimize videos with nested keywords. Although most video keywords don’t have a lot of search volume, they’re almost always be part of a bigger category. Using the nested concept in your title, tags description, and playlists can help you become a hub of information around these larger topic categories.

Navigating the Creative Friction between Brands and Creators

What’s the best way for a creator to present an idea to sell through to brands? Brendan Gahan, the Founder of Epic Signal, breaks down the biggest trends, insights, and secrets from over 30 anonymous interviews with industry insiders about what they really think about the online-video ecosystem.

According to Jim Louderback, the Editorial Director of VidCon’s Industry Track:

“With these seminars, we’re going to arm every 2016 attendee with proven strategies, secrets and techniques that they can put to work on the following Monday – to drive more viewers, engagement and revenue across every significant social video channel.”

We hope to see you all there!


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