Going to the 2012 Vidcon Conference? We Are & You Should – Let’s Meet Up!

Going to the 2012 Vidcon Conference? We Are & You Should – Let’s Meet Up!

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Video makers have it good in June.  We just went over the exciting Vimeo Festival + Awards happening in the early part of the month.  And later in June, VidCon will be holding their 3rd annual gathering in Anaheim on June 28-30.  If you want to go, you can meet ReelSEO founder Mark Robertson and The Reel Web’s Tim Schmoyer there and they’d like to connect with you on your visit.  And that’s what conventions of this sort are all about: learning more, making connections, and in this case, taking your videos to the next level.

The 3rd Annual Vidcon Conference In Anaheim, California

More than 6,000 people are expected to attend this year’s VidCon at the Anaheim Convention Center.  A limited amount of remaining tickets can be purchased here.  According to the press release, there will be a special Industry Day on Thursday, June 28, and then all those keynote speakers, panels, meet-ups, concerts, the stuff you expect from a convention, will take place on the following two days.

A host of online video celebrities will be there: Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Dave Days, DeStorm, Hank and John Green, iJustine, Meekakitty, Michael Buckley, Mitchell and Kyle, Mystery Guitar Man, Phillip DeFranco, Rhett and Link, Shane Dawson, Shay Carl, Smosh, and Wheezy Waiter.  That’s a really impressive list.  We’ve written about a bunch of these guys in the past, and they know the path to success in online video more than anybody.

Hank Green, one-half of the Vlog Brothers, is the creator of the event.  Here’s what he says in the press release:

VidCon has been really lucky to be at the center of this new industry. Online video, right now, is at a very important moment. There’s so much excitement, so much potential, and so much talent.  Every day, billions of videos are watched online. Many of the creators at VidCon have larger audiences than successful cable shows. VidCon is about giving those people a chance to talk about, celebrate and enjoy the new world they are creating.

Honestly, those with the means should make a trek to Anaheim that week and soak it all up.  You can’t get more valuable information, resources, and connections, and followers of this site will get the chance to talk to Mark and Tim.  What more do you need?

► Let us know below in the comments if you plan to attend Vidcon and would like to meet up with Mark and Tim.


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