Vevo Tests International Waters with UK Expansion

Vevo Tests International Waters with UK Expansion

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Vevo is on the move as the record-label-owned music video service is expanding into the UK according to a blog post this week on their site (which is not available anywhere but in the US…and the UK now). While the UK had a glimpse into what Vevo had to offer prior to this through YouTube (as can much of the world), but now they’ll get the full monty.

The full monty of music videos that is. The UK is about to get a Colonial Invasion as they will have access to all US music videos, events, and interviews. They even get live coverage from actual performances, the lucky gits.

Vevo stated that they will even  provide performances from the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, held in June in Manchester, Tennessee. That’s the dog’s bollocks!

They have also stated that they will expand to other countries…one day. Just not today and with no concrete schedule in fact nor even a hint at which countries might one day be graced with their presence.

But it seems that the music industry is tickety-boo thanks to social media.

What’s in store for UK viewers?

This week, visitors to the site will see U.K. specific video premieres from Tinchy Strider, Tom Vek, Chapel Club and The Pierces. We’ll also feature exclusive interviews with James Blake, Adele and Jessie J as well as performances by Florence + the Machineand Ellie Goulding. And we’ll debut a wedding video playlist of royal proportions.

They’ll also have Vevo Mobile on Android, iOS, etc.

It seems that through strict control of its products the record labels have finally found a way to embrace online digital distribution and marketing. Good for them, I hope they didn’t use money from lawsuits against grandmothers to do it.

Nah, I imagine they have been making some good money through sales no matter what they would have us believe because, we all like music and are willing to pay for the best of it. The owners of Vevo include Sony Music, Universal Music and Vivendi so they have a majority of the artists you hear hourly on radio and see on places like MTV and of course on MySpace which might still become part of Vevo one day if rumblings become reality.

comScore ranks Vevo Fifth in the online video top ten list with 52.6 million unique viewers, 241 million sessions and 79.6 minutes per viewer. They are certainly doing quite well for themselves. It also says something about how online video is driving more than just the video-based industries.

This will certainly help them continue the resuscitation of the music industry in the eyes of the consumers after they Threw a Wobbly and cocked it up. This wil then have the fans be like Shrek in a Frock which will make the record labels Chuffed to bits and all will be spiffing, now won’t it?

Whew, after all that Brit slang, I’m cream crackered.

This week, visitors to the site will see U.K. specific video premieres from Tinchy Strider, Tom Vek, Chapel Club and The Pierces. We’ll also feature exclusive interviews with James Blake, Adele and Jessie J as well as performances by Florence + the Machineand Ellie Goulding. And we’ll debut a wedding video playlist of royal proportions.


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