Verizon Working On Video Content Delivery System

Verizon Working On Video Content Delivery System

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And you all thought that Verizon was just aiming to cover its own customers and network with content? Well, apparently we were all wrong. It seems that they’ve dropped a pretty large penny, $370M worth of them in fact, in working out a streaming video content delivery system and video ad platform that will reach the web and mobile users with no word on limiting it to just their own consumers.

The deal is that it will pair up video streams from a variety of content suppliers with complementary advertising and then pack it all off through the ‘Net. It’s nothing groundbreaking, I mean we’ve got all sorts of this going on right now. The question is, why are they doing it and what’s the deal?

Essentially, it’s a Verizon-powered content delivery network that seems aimed at enterprise-sized customers. Check out this list of features.


  • High-capacity, high-quality, real-time individualized video streaming
  • Intelligent edge asset management
  • Contextual ad and content insertion
  • Virtually any network, any device, any time delivery
  • Managed quality of service from content to consumer
  • Robust and agnostic digital rights management


  • True unicast delivery. Distribute high-quality on-demand, live, and linear premium media to individual devices simultaneously.
  • Multi-screen, multi-network, multi-devices. Offer seamless, high-quality, reliable media consumption without having to invest in the delivery infrastructure.
  • Unmatched scale and reach. Serve millions of on-demand digital video requests simultaneously with our Verizon-class unicast network, uniquely designed for premium media.
  • Uncompromised quality. Maintain sharp images, full sound, and the most impactful premium media experience possible.
  • Personalized experiences. Provide individualized content with promotions tailored just for your consumers.
  • Proactively adaptive technology. Take full advantage of proliferating devices without worrying about how. Automate content-to-consumer delivery with economies of scale.
  • Profitable digital media retailing. Increase the commercial value of digital media and grow advertising revenues. Seamlessly incorporate targeted and contextualized advertising into your content offers.

Verizon Digital Media Services has 30 data centers presumably round the world to get the data to consumers as fast as possible via its internal backbone running at 40-100Gbps.

It seems to be a full-fledged CDN by the looks of it including; optimized delivery speed and bitrate (though they seem to obfuscate that all with a bit more flowery wording), automated transcoding, DRM, delivery, and capture, track, and analyze customer transactions and digital media consumption. Generate reports to support advertising campaigns and cross-platform, one-to-one advertising experiences.

The interesting thing is that it’s already got video advertising built in both with contextualized, dynamic ad insertion and advanced targeting. So it seems like they really thought this through, have the infrastructure and the pipelines. On top of that, they also have some advanced features on the consumer side like multiple-screen media consumption and the ability to pause on one device and resume play on another.

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