How To Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

How To Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip we discuss the two different ways you can verify YouTube accounts. The first is the verification of your account, and we will talk about the benefits of that. The second is the verification of your YouTube name, which gives you that little checkmark of authenticity next to your channel:

There Are Two Types of Verification on YouTube

  • Verifying your YouTube account
  • Verifying your YouTube name

Although the two have very little to do with each other, they are often confused with each other due to the “verification” terminology, so let us explain what each of them is for and how they work.

#1. Verifying YouTube Account

This is often done when you first create your YouTube account. YouTube will remind you over and over again with little notifications at the top of your video manager until you finally give in and give YouTube a cell phone number to associate with your account.

They will then send you a text message with a verification code that you’ll plug in to your YouTube account so they know that you’re not a spammer. They don’t use your cell number for anything else other than to verify that you’re not creating tons of YouTube accounts and spamming people. That’s it. Once your account is verified, you get access to a few other perks, like:

  • The ability to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes long.
  • The ability to appeal copyright claims
  • The ability to use custom thumbnails

youtube verified account

2. Verify YouTube Name

This is the little checkmark that Google places next to the name of a YouTube channel that verifies that this is the official page or profile that represents this brand or person. You may be familiar with Twitter’s version of this. It simply lets viewers know that this channel is authentic and actually belongs to who it says it belongs to.

youtube verify name

It carries a bit of status behind it since it’s usually used for the big YouTube channels and brands, so a lot of creators are trying to get their channel name verified. Unfortunately, just like on Twitter, there’s nothing you can do to actually apply for this checkmark of verification. Google reviews channels based on a variety of factors to determine who’s eligible for the verified mark and those who are will automatically receive it without doing a thing.

To ensure that your channel is eligible to receive the verification, Google suggests four things:

  1. Connect your channel to a Google+ Page or Profile.
  2. Your Google+ page or profile must be authorized by your brand, company, or product.
  3. If the channel is connected to a Google+ page, the page must contain a link to your organization’s website. This website must be verified (i.e. have a small checkmark next to the website URL), which the +page owner can do themselves by following these instructions.
  4. Your channel must have a substantial number of subscribers.

After that, you just wait for Google to give it to you whenever they think it’s necessary.


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