What’s New At Veoh – New Veoh.com Beta Version Launched

What’s New At Veoh – New Veoh.com Beta Version Launched

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Veoh‘s got a new version including a website redesign, and some new features. They’ve re-categorized the content into more than 100 categories to make it easier for you to find what you want. They also allow you to browse for other videos while watching something. Though I’m not sure what that accomplishes since you could easily do that with two browser windows as well. I guess it lets you do it in one interface and window which is a little cleaner. The player now has three sizes, small, theater for a larger experience and full-screen.


Additionally, they have given you the tools now to save videos to an ‘interest’ list. You can actually add videos, shows, categories and even publishers to it so you have one place to quickly look at what’s new in your particular areas of interest. Veoh is also attempting to help you find more content that you might like by expanding the recommendations area of the player. Now when you are watching something you can opt to have Veoh give you a list of other videos that might be of interest to you based on what you are currently watching.

Veoh stripped down the user profile experience and many of the customizations that were available in the past have been lost. They state that they are still working to expand the user experience and that there will be ways to customize the pages in the future.

Upcoming features are said to include groups, video uploading, and of course the aforementioned user profile customizations.

An undocumented feature is the fact that the have begun to block certain foreign countries from accessing their service. As I live in Prague, Czech Republic I am now unable to view the site at all except for the “What’s New” page. I’m sure this has to do with the rights to the programs that they are showing. Hulu.com also blocks certain content from being visible outside of the US however you can still access their site. You just can’t see any of the videos that are from the major US networks which is the majority of content of course.

Why a service would completely block access is beyond me. I mean I understand the licensing issues etc. It’s quite strange to live outside of the country these days. Many things that used to be available are being retracted, removed or rescinded. Things that are available on television here (Heroes, Lost, House, etc…) are being restricted online which doesn’t make any sense to me. However since the majority of you are in the US you have nothing to worry about. Though if you’re contemplating advertising on one of these services and you have a worldwide product or demographic you should be aware that your ads will only reach those within the imaginary boundaries of the United States of America. Therefore you should plan your campaign accordingly.


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