Valentine’s Day and YouTube: a Match Made in Video Heaven

Valentine’s Day and YouTube: a Match Made in Video Heaven

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Valentine’s Day content and YouTube are clearly meant to be together, given that the site’s official birthday is February 14th, 2005. Eight years later, the site has spread it’s love far and wide, as more and more people come to the site in search of dating tips, romantic meal ideas, or simply a chance to laugh… by themselves. all alone…

Anyways… It’s hard to avoid the holiday spirit during big consumer events like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas. Around this time of year, red, pink and white decorations are everywhere. And, YouTube is no exception, as Valentine’s Day themed videos continue to rise in popularity year after year…

Valentine’s Content is BIG News

youtube heartIn fact, the growth of Valentine’s Day content is even outpacing the overall growth of YouTube as a platform: while YouTube has grown by approximately 50% each year, Valentine’s Day content has grown at a rate of almost 70%.

In 2006, there were 396 videos uploaded to the platform about Valentine’s Day. In 2013, there were 67,803 videos.

valentines videos by year youtube

Popular Content Categories

youtube heartBeauty Gurus and lifestyle vloggers dominate this space in terms of videos posted, with videos on outfit ideas, hairstyles, make up concepts, nail art, and date ideas. These videos usually fall into the YouTube created category of “How-to & Style”, suggesting people are trying to look their best for a big date night. Instructional videos, like the Water Marble Nail Art video, are 2,000+ strong with how-to or tutorial in the title of the videos and a combined 16+million views.

video categories

While the bulk of Valentine’s Day videos fall into the beauty scene, 4 of the 5 highest viewed videos are pranks/comedy themed, suggesting that not everyone takes the holiday all too seriously.

Social Engagement, Views, and Videos per Channel

youtube heartBeauty Guru or otherwise, native YouTube celebrities drive engagement, with audiences keen on participating on their channels. The fans come out to participate in channel culture and weigh in on personalities they have grown to love.

Bethany Mota, a culturally relevant Beauty Guru, tops the list of most commented on Valentine’s Day with her video “DIY Room Decorations for Valentine’s Day & more!” In terms of social engagement, this video is a give-away, giving her fans a chance to win two of her own DIY decorations. Giveaways inflate engagement by requiring that viewers write a comment and a thumbs up the video for a chance to win a prize. Bethany Mota’s has a whopping 72,256 comments and 162,207 likes, leading the pack.

The runner up is Trey V, a YouTube one-hit wonder if you will, with a prank call, and in third place for comments, the hilarious channel PrankvsPrank. Their 2013 Valentine’s Day video, a highly viewed “proposal prank” has over 36,708 comments and 148,110 likes. Fans want to share their feelings and participate with a channel they have grown to love.

The Top 5 Most Commented Valentine’s Day Videos are:

5. “IDEK 8- Valentine’s Love” by DesandNate – 27,455 comments
4. “Our Valentine’s Day: Cupcake Challenge!” by CutiePieMarzia – 32,737 comments
3. “VALENTINE’S DAY PROPOSAL PRANK!” by PrankvsPrank – 36,708 comments
2. “Prank call gone HORRIBLY wrong!!” by Trey V40,084 comments
1.DIY Room Decorations for Valentine’s Day & more!” by Bethany Mota – 72,256 comments

The Top 5 Most Liked Valentine’s Videos are:

5. “The Science of the Friend Zone” by Vsauce – 87,551 likes
4.Our Valentine’s Day: Cupcake Challenge!” by CutiePieMarzia – 96,065 likes
3. “Love & Valentines Day” by Zoella – 107,906 likes
2.VALENTINE’S DAY PROPOSAL PRANK!” by PrankvsPrank – 148,110 likes
1.DIY Room Decorations for Valentine’s Day & more!” by Bethany Mota – 162,207 likes

The Top 5 Highest Viewed Videos for V-Day are:

youtube heartWhere views are concerned, the top 5 V-Day videos have only one beauty video in the bunch. People like to watch, and re-watch, videos that provide a bit more levity to a day that is generally full of stress and preparation.

5. La La I Love You – Valentine’s Day Remix by GummyBearIntl- 12,270,908 views
4. VALENTINE’S DAY PROPOSAL PRANK! by PrankvsPrank – 12,297,031 views
3. I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine’s Day by JimmyKimmelLive – 12,312,806 views
2. Valentine’s Day Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial by My Simple Little Pleasures – 12,744,128 views
1. Hot College Girls Talk About Valentine’s Day!! by HowieReportingLive – 12,771,717 views

It is worth noting that the most viewed video, at 12.7million + views, in all likelihood, got its place for a few reasons: the thumbnail is of two girls about to kiss, the title contains the phrase “hot college girls” and the video has had time to grow on YouTube, having been uploaded on February 13, 2010.

Some of The Most Frequent Uploaders by Channel are:

youtube heartIf there is a kind of channel that dominates, it is instructional video channels as frequent uploaders. These channels post a lot of videos. Both Mahalo and Expert Village built their reputations of a diverse offering of instructional videos. Robin Moses Nail Artist does nail tutorials, and bettyskitchen does cooking tutorials. The odd channel out is a channel that features videos from xtranormal technology, a company that offered DIY animation software using text-to-speech technology. These videos are darkly comedic.

5. robinmosesnailart17 videos
4. bettyskitchen30 videos
3. mahalodotcom41 videos
2. xtranormalcontest86 videos
1. expertvillage86 videos

Final Thoughts

youtube heartValentine’s Day is a day of nervousness for many. People are searching YouTube for answers about what to cook, wear, look like, act like, not act like, or where to go, what to do, and even how to feel about the holiday if spending it alone. Valentine’s Day on YouTube, although populated by Beauty Gurus, celebrates more than just the way we look, but also how we feel, and how we can make others feel.


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