Valentine's Day videos for 2019

This Year’s Valentine’s Day Videos Celebrate Being Single

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For centuries, people all over the world have celebrated love on the day now known as Valentine’s Day. Taking place on February 14, the holiday encourages couples to make romantic gestures, give each other gifts, and speak words of affection, all of which is routinely targeted as the butt of jokes by single people. In fact, when we looked into recent Valentine’s Day videos from across the web, a common theme about being single took center stage!

Over the last 90 days, 30K Valentine’s Day videos from 19.9K accounts have been uploaded to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a whole, they’ve pulled in over 1B views and 54.3M engagements to date, with influencers uploading the most Valentine’s clips at more than 22K. Let’s see what else we discovered about this year’s Valentine’s Day impact on social video!

Singles’ Awareness Is the Biggest Talking Point

Despite some of this year’s Valentine’s Day videos featuring couples, a dominant topic across these clips is how to spend the day as a single person. Five of the top ten most-watched clips focus on individuals celebrating the hearts-and-roses day alone, often in humorous ways. For example, the most-viewed Valentine’s clip of the last 90 days hails from UNILAD, and shows a young man dating himself over a burger dinner; the clip was chuckle-worthy enough to attract 15.8M views to date and the highest 3-day view count (V3) of the top ten videos at 9.8M.

The same version of UNILAD’s clip was seen two other times in the top ten, landing in spot #6 with 4.6M views for viral entertainment company 9GAG and in spot #8 with 4.5M views for women’s media brand Pretty 52. The seventh most-watched video at 4.6M views also hailed from 9GAG and encourages viewers to tell their single friends they’re not alone on Valentine’s. Finally, MetDaan got in on the single action with a clip of a woman dancing alone at a wedding while scarfing down a large slice of pizza, which generated 4.5M views.

Valentine’s Day Videos Attract Most Views on Facebook and Instagram

This year’s Valentine’s Day clips have found the perfect match in Facebook and Instagram. On those platforms, clips about the love-themed holiday have generated 445M and 331M views, respectively. Facebook’s Valentine’s Day videos claim the highest average 30-day viewing habits (V30) at 57.9K, as well as the highest average 30-day engagement rates (ER30) at 2x, double the usual platform rate. In total, nine of the top 10 most-watched Valentine’s clips of the last 90 days are hosted on either Facebook or Instagram!

That leaves the last video of the top ten Valentine’s Day videos for YouTube, which had the second most-viewed clip at 8M views to date. Interestingly enough, this video was uploaded by chocolatier Ferrero Rocher, and it was one of only 2950 videos uploaded by brands in the last 90 days around Valentine’s Day. Clearly, Ferrero benefited from the opportunity to promote its well-known chocolate treats during this love-based season, and other brands should take note. With just 2950 videos uploaded so far this year, there’s plenty of room for brands to make a name for themselves during the Valentine’s Day hype (i.e. start planning now for 2020’s holiday!).

Instagram Boasts Top Engagement for Valentine’s Clips

We’ve already talked a lot about the most-watched Valentine’s Day videos, but what about the ones that people wanted to engage with the most? For that answer, we turn to Instagram, which boasted the top five most-engaged content, and, overall, seven of the top ten most-engaged love-holiday clips of the last 90 days. The “date yourself” videos mentioned earlier all landed on the most-engaged Valentine’s Day videos list, proving audiences online have lots of strong feelings about being single on the holiday.

However, the most-engaged clip actually featured a comedic take on a couple’s Valentine’s date night, with the woman in the relationship setting out a note and wine in the kitchen and then preparing a seemingly romantic rose trail to the bedroom. However, when her partner opens the door, he finds her stretched out suggestively in none other than a T-rex costume on the bed; the clip (uploaded all the way back in November 2018) resonated with Instagram viewers as it pulled in 690K engagements to date, roughly 50K more than the next most-engaged video.

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