How To Use Video Marketing To Engage Website Visitors – Reel Video Producer Tips #10

How To Use Video Marketing To Engage Website Visitors – Reel Video Producer Tips #10

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For last week’s Producer Tip, we looked at how to use online video to drive traffic to your website. If you haven’t seen that video yet, it is somewhat of a precursor to this video, so watch it here first. Once you’ve watched that video, this video builds upon it and gives stats and ideas on how to use video on your website to keep visitors there. We look at ways to make your website sticky so that once a visitor comes to your website, they stay engaged for a long period of time because of the video content you have available.

Practical Tips On How To Use Video To Engage Website Visitors

We’ll cover the statistics first so you can see how website visitors engage with video and then, based on that information, review some practical ideas and steps for how to use online video to make your website sticky and engaging for your website’s visitors.


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For this week’s creator’s tip, we look at how to use online video on your website to keep visitors engaged and stuck on your website and clicking through stuff and hopefully even turing into a customer. That’s what we’ll be looking at today.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of creator’s tip where every week I just give you guys who are creating online video content some tips and advice to help your videos stand out on the web amongst all the others. And this week, I’m going to show you guys how to use video content on your website to keep people engaged and stuck on your site.

But first of all, last week our creator’s tip video was about how to use video on like YouTube and different web platforms to drive traffic to your website in the first place. So if you haven’t seen that yet, the link’s below or you can click this annotation right here to go check that out because it’s so important, kind of a precursor to this one. But if you’ve already seen that one, let’s continue, shall we?

First of all, let’s look at some statistics about how users engage with video on a website that hopefully has some implications about how we use them to get visitors stuck on our website. Once you get people going to your website, 72% of them will watch a video. 13% of them will watch two videos, 5% of them will watch three videos and about 2.5% of them will watch four videos. Those numbers kind of seem to be going in the wrong direction until you consider that a little over 7% of them will watch more than five videos.

For people who only watch one video on your website, those people are typically engaged for about six minutes with your content. For any of us who are used to people coming in for just normal text content, we know that is a way longer period of engagement than you get just with static text on your site. But for people who watch more than one video on your website, their average length of engagement on your website is 36 minutes.

So if you can create content that is both compelling and engaging and get people past that first video and onto the second one, the amount of time they’ll spend on your website increases by almost six times. And we all want people surfing our websites and engaging on our turf so how do we get people to get stuck on our websites using online video? First of all, make it really simple for visitors to go watch another video include like, related videos or similar videos right alongside of the video they’re watching so that when they’re done with that one, it makes it really easy for them to be intrigued and go on and watch another one.

Also, maybe end your videos with a cliffhanger with a really nasty cliffhanger that really makes people want to go and watch another video and just stay engaged to find out more. Or maybe mention something in your first video that’s kind of related and then offer them more details in another video that maybe gives them a sneak peek preview of something that your company is working on or that you are doing that you didn’t have time for in this video but you want to send people to another video and now I’m just rambling.

Another idea that works on any website but is especially true if you’re working with a blog or something is include a link that goes to an archive of videos so that when someone finishes watching the video that you posted, they can go and watch a whole bunch of other videos that you have on your website. And lastly, use some sort of incentives to get people to sign up for your email list that will notify them every time you add a new video to
your website.

As we talked about last week, maybe use a special bonus video that includes some key information they really need to have but they need to sign up in order to get it. Or offer like a free e-book or some other sort of free content that you want to give away as an incentive for people to sign up for your list.

Either way, online video can be a very powerful tool on your website for getting people to sign up because it’s a lot more personable, they feel they’re engaging with you and if they’ve already watched your whole video, they’re much more likely to actually want to sign up and give you their email address than say, someone who just kind of randomly clicks your website and is there for like a minute and a half and leaves.

If you have a website and you use online video to really make your website sticky, comment below and let us know some of the ideas or things that you have implemented that have really helped with your success. I hope this has been helpful for you guys, most of the information and statistics I used in this video I took from infographics from I will link to that full infographic below this video here on YouTube or at, wherever you’re watching this, you can find that link and go check If you’re not already subscribed to our weekly creator’s tip videos then click that subscribe button above this video on YouTube or you can click right there as well. We’d love to have you guys join us each and every week when we help you guys make your videos stand out on the web. And I will see you all again next week for another look at the Reel Web, that’ll be on Monday and then the creator’s tip comes on Wednesday and yeah, just sometime next week. Hope you guys have a great day. Bye.


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