Software Tools to Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

Software Tools to Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

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So, you’ve got some videos made and you want to get them out there as fast and efficiently as possible. That means you probably want some tools to upload them to multiple video sites automatically right? Right! Here’s some of the coolest tools we found that will help you do just that, and in a hurry.

Now, I didn’t say they’d be free and instead of separating them out pay/free I’m just going to give you a good long list of them. I haven’t played with all of them so I can’t vouch for how cool, fast or stable they are. This is more like an informative piece that you can use as a starting point for research on how to get your videos published online with the quickness.

Now there are tons of options and the list is ever-growing in fact. So if I missed your software/service or you develop one later, just drop me a line and I’ll try to get it included as soon as possible. I hope this list will become a cool resource over time for those just starting or looking to work better at online video. Maybe when I’m done traveling for the summer I’ll sit down and test them all out. But for now consider this basic information only.

In Reverse Alphabetical, just because my last list was also in that order:

VideoWildfire: $19.99 per month, 7-day trial – SaaS (Software as a Service) Offers automatic upload to 50 video sites including YouTube, MetaCafe, MySpace TV, Google Video*, iFilm,, CrunchyRoll, Vimeo and more. Also offers linking to Social bookmark sites(delicious, reddit, stumbleupon and more), and ping services like technorati. Also offers semi-auto submission to social news sites and social linking to over a hundred sites.

VideoPostRobot: $297 for lifetime license, Windows Only, ($1 test drive 7-days) – Another desktop application that uploads to multiple sites (duh Chris! That’s the theme of the article). Sites include YouTube, Yahoo Video, Blip, DailyMotion, Google Video*, Multiply and some others I’ve never heard of. The website is hardcore sales pitch using all the standard tricks and is difficult to extract real info from. (Expensive for limited number of sites).

TubeMogul’s OneLoad: Free with Expensive Premium Option (Business and Gold), Saas – You know them, you love them, or maybe you don’t. But you still know them. Tubemogul has been around (and covered on ReelSEO several times) for some time. So is it any surprise that they made this list? No, no it’s not, at least not to me but I’m the one making the list.Premium options offer improved metrics, extra features and more.

TrafficGeyserFree trial with subscription @ $97/month – Does more than broadcast video to 35 video-sharing sites from what I understand. Its a comprehensive service that offers slidecasting, bonus royalty-free music packs, toll-free numbers to record podcasts or testimonials, video-to-audio conversion, broadcasting to podcast directories and social bookmarking sites.

HeySpread: Pay as you go credit based system – Has some neat unique features.  They have tracking, an API, and they also have the ability to export and syndicate videos that you have already posted up on Youtube.  They also claim that you can delete a video from the network when you are dont with it.  Havent tried the service but looks interesting.  Also interesting however that on their homepage, the last updated “news” was from Oct. 2008.

ContentBuzz: $29.97 per month, 7-day free trial – Made by same guys who did VideoWildFire, why do they have two? This one is specifically targeted to ‘get Google’s attention.’ Also offers profiles and micro-blogging capabilities (think Twitter and the like). Ties into other platforms like Blogger as well as social networking, media sharing, RSS, aggregators and more. Gives you more promotional materials than their other offering. Homepage is laughable sales pitch the likes of late-night television infomercials which gives me a headache to read and get actual info from.

Alright, that’s enough to get you started. As I find them I will include more and more tools. Like I said, if you’ve got one and I’ve miseed it just let me know and I’ll work to get it included as soon as possible.

*As reported earlier this year videos can no longer be uploaded to Google Video. However, the site was listed in the software information and so was included in these lists.


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