Unruly Social Video Lab Helps Brands Predict Social Video Viability

Unruly Social Video Lab Helps Brands Predict Social Video Viability

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Unruly, a London-based analytics firm, announced the opening of the “world’s first social video lab” today.  It’s a lab that will help brands and agencies pre-test their video creations before they go out to market, using exhaustive analysis from Unruly to make sure the video is something people will want to share once it’s out in the wild.  It’s the equivalent of a movie showing before test audiences and seeing what pleases/displeases an audience so that filmmakers can make cuts/reshoots if necessary.  When brands spend money on video, they want to be in the best position to get a good return.

Social Video Lab to Give Brands Insight Before Releasing A Video

A brand might think they have the most clever ad campaign in the world brewing, but it might be best to know that before sending out the first video, or making ten additional spots without knowing if the campaign is going to catch on.

According to the Unruly announcement:

Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, which has tracked over 300 billion video streams since launching in 2006, is the engine behind the video analytics. Clients’ concepts will be tested using sentiment tracking and competitive intelligence. The data will then be blended with the latest creative techniques in conjunction with academic institutions, including psychometric testing and focus groups with bloggers.

The lab’s goal is to show the science behind why people share certain content with others.  So it sounds like Unruly is going to have a slew of data at its fingertips when they consult with brands and agencies.   And, they have plenty of viral hits on their hands to show for it.  Here are just a few campaigns that Unruly has gotten behind:

Compare the Market: Meerkat

TMobile: Life’s For Sharing

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Evian: Roller Babies

Heineken: The Entrance

Here’s an interesting statistic from the Unruly announcement:

Research conducted by Unruly found that viewer enjoyment increases by 14% when an ad has been shared with them and that purchase intent increases by 97% when the viewer enjoys the content.

So the goal is sharing, here.  Something that makes people want to open up their e-mail and send it to their friends, or go on Facebook and post it, or put it on their blog.  It’s content that matters, that brightens up one’s day, that’s interesting, or useful.  With Unruly’s new social video lab, they just might be able to find the formula for that.


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