Unicycle Football and Super Mario Parkour: It’s Fun Video Friday

Unicycle Football and Super Mario Parkour: It’s Fun Video Friday

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Welcome to the end of August, everyone.  We have another batch of videos for you this week, involving crazy stunts, superheroes, parodies, and knowledge.  We also have crazy stunts, superheroes, parodies, and knowledge.  Was that déjà vu?  Well, you’ll learn about that too.  That and a whole grab bag of other stuff too.  It’s Fun Video Friday, so sit back and relax.

Fun Video Friday for August 30

We’ve shown some of those Life Hacks videos where simple household items can make your life easier.  Now here’s a parody of those videos:

Unicycle football.  Yeah, that’s a thing:

Professor Live returns with a second Spider-Man basketball video.  The first one has almost 7 million views.  The second one looks like it’s going to try to turn this into a series:

A fan-made trailer for what Man of Steel 2 could look like after all the recent casting announcements:

Super Mario Bros. Parkour “In Real Life:”

Devin Supertramp gives us some extreme highlining.  And although these people have safety equipment while they do this, it will still give you a heart attack:

Dean Norris, aka “Hank” on Breaking Bad, “spoils” the last episode of the series:

Dean Norris didn’t stop there. He’s going to spoil everything else now (I guess I should tell you, he actually does spoil some things here, but they are funny):

Patrick Stewart gives us a masterclass lesson on the “quadruple take:”

The Warp Zone gives us a “DuckTales” theme song parody involving duct tape.  And it’s hilarious:

Mystery Guitar Man teams with The Fu for a cover of Men at Work’s “Land Down Under:”

SNL’s Jay Pharoah parodies Kanye West’s “I Am A God” by flipping “god” to “dog:”

This dog really doesn’t want a bath, and will play dead to avoid it:

These dogs are being cute and shilling for Dog-E-Glow dog accessories:

Another Senior Tech lesson from Conan O’Brien.  Part 4 is about Instagram:

Kindergarten kids get asked about their first day of school, with obvious kid-like answers:

A unique little short from CharstarleneTV…are you invisible because of phones or are you just invisible?

Not “fun,” really, but it’s incredible time-lapse video of the Yosemite rim fire brought to us by Yosemite National Park’s channel:

PBS Game/Show explores the enduring popularity of video game characters like Mario:

TEDEducation gives us some theories on what causes déjà vu:

Minute Earth tries to get down and dirty into that whole “Trash vs. Garbage” debate:

ASAP Science asks, “What If You Stopped Going Outside?”

Vsauce asks, “Why Do We Clap?”


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