How Unconventional Brands Tell Compelling Stories on Social Video

How Unconventional Brands Tell Compelling Stories on Social Video

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Creating video content around popular topics like food, beauty, and fashion comes with a unique set of challenges, but at least brands can be confident there’s a demand for it. There’s a perception that creating video campaigns for those less-than-sexy verticals like construction, financial and legal services, and automotive is a much heavier lift, but we’re here to blow that myth wide open.

Brands in unexpected verticals are producing some amazing content, and proving that there’s a demand for out-of-the-box video that truly resonates with their core audience. So, think your product or service isn’t exciting enough? Take inspiration from the following examples:

Kitchen Counter Tops Go Game of Thrones

Searching for kitchen counters online might lead you to information about specs or tutorials around installation, but very rarely do you encounter an epic story around the history of the brand itself. That’s exactly what viewers experienced when Cambria released a Game of Thrones-like film to tell its story. It’s a risk, but the trailer alone generated 2.1M Facebook views, with a V3 (the number of views generated within the first 3 days of upload) of 1.7M.

The video stories woven around the “Legend of Cambria” campaign were distributed across the main social video platforms, drawing in over 8M views on Facebook in 2018 alone.

Logistics Boasted 2.3B YouTube Views in 2018

Heavy equipment, machinery, and logistics services are in constant demand around the world, so these brands need to market to B2B clients in the face of extraordinary pressure from their competitors. As such, many of them are turning to YouTube! It may surprise you to know that brands within the logistics and heavy vertical generated 2.3B views in 2018 on YouTube, and 1.7B Facebook video views in the last 365 days.

Some of the biggest names in the vertical are using online video to reach B2B clients, like paint and coating company PPG Industries which garnered 53M YouTube views in the past 3 months, and heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar which generated 2.3M YouTube views in November 2018.

Wells Fargo Goes All-In on Video

Financial services content can feel dry as a bone, but banking giant Wells Fargo has thrown itself into social video in this last year. And it’s paying off in the form of 365M YouTube views for the 148 videos uploaded to the platform. Its breakout video of the past 12 months generated 62M views for Wells Fargo:

Automotive Content Earns Massive Engagement on YouTube

You’d think that automotive content would do well on social video, and of course, you’d be right. But who are the winners when it comes to brand content rather than user-generated or influencer uploads? Let’s start with the big numbers – branded automotive content has generated 42.8B views on YouTube in the last 90 days, and 29.4B Facebook video views in the same period. If we take a deeper-dive into audience engagement, Renault, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Toyota are regularly hitting 10x the average platform engagement rates on Facebook and YouTube for the organic content they are uploading.

Toyota in particular has generated 295M views and 4.2M engagements on Facebook in the last 3 months! In November 2018, the video below was its most-watched with 26.7M views (with a V3 of 1.5M), and just under 500K engagements. The positioning of the content is offering a solution to the transport issues that frustrate drivers across the world, rather than a straight-on sales pitch.

Stepping Outside the Law

Legislation impacts every aspect of our lives, but how do law firms move past the “dry” content around advice that many produce? One such practice, Brown & Crouppen, took out a local ad spot during the Super Bowl 2016 to slam Stan Kroenke for moving the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles; it generated an incredible 632K YouTube views. Brown & Crouppen’s social video success has been far from just a one-off. In the last 90 days the law firm has attracted 1.3M YouTube views and 358K Facebook video views with hugely entertaining content like the breakdown of the laws being broken in The Dark Knight. Awesomely quirky “lifestyle” content from a traditional legal practice is broadening the appeal far wider than the industry’s usual demographic base.

Even those verticals that some would consider unconventional can achieve success with online video if they think strategically about the kind of content that is going to speak to their target audience. The proof is clearly in the numbers above.


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