The Ultimate Video Ad Campaign Will be Interactive and Run Everywhere in Real-Time

The Ultimate Video Ad Campaign Will be Interactive and Run Everywhere in Real-Time

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Some news came in today stating that TubeMogul has partnered with Innovid to bring a single login dashboard that offers both interactive online video advertising and real-time bidding and online video ad placement. I thought, ‘this is the future of online video ads.’

Some of my major trends to watch at the beginning of the year were real-time bidding and interactive video ads (as well as connected TV ads, I hit the trifecta!). Today’s announcement showed that both of those things are indeed gaining some serious traction, because now they’re being offered in a single product thanks to TubeMogul and Innovid.

The future of online video advertising is definitely moving toward a more interactive experience, as it should because that is the main differentiator from TV ads. They’re a total lean back, or get up and use the toilet, experience. They always have been, and will continue to be so until everyone has a connected TV and the broadcasters and TV advertisers see the true value of digital advertising which is, the interaction factor.

Online video ads have always been more interactive than their TV counterparts, simply because you’ve almost always been able to just click the in-stream ad and get more information, something that could not be achieved with TV ads in the past without a cumbersome menu system or massive remote control in limited markets and through only some providers.

Now, all of those things are combining into a more interesting offering for everyone from consumers all the way through to the advertisers. Real-time bidding and contextual targeting? Check. Interactive video advertisements? Check. All combined into a single offering for ease of use? Check. Able to place ads across all platforms? Check.

All the pieces are there and, in LEGO-like fashion, are beginning to interlock into more robust offerings. Here’s some text from the TubeMogul blog post:

…The units are sold on a cost per engagement (CPE) basis, so a marketer only pays when someone chooses to engage with their ad…

…marketers no longer have to log into multiple dashboards to compare results for engagement and brand lift for their interactive units, often a pain point.

…marketers can compare interactive ads side-by-side with standard pre-roll, connected TV, mobile and other formats in real-time…

You saw that thing right there near the end, right? Connected TV. So they’ve pinged all my major trends for the year, and wrapped it all up into one single package. On top of that, they also hit mobile which will continue to grow and of course online is in there.

This is where the industry is headed. After all those years of TV quaking in its boots about losing ad dollars to online, the mountain came to mohammed, so to speak, and the two are now merging into a single entity, which was bound to happen once the TV makers realized there was money to be had in more market share if they could get the right set of features into a TV, and they have, and they will.

Now, how about getting out there and making some awesome interactive ads and getting them on connected TV. Gee, that sounds like an idea for a contest, the coolest interactive video ads. I’ll see what I can wrangle up for prizes.

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