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video-surf-twitter-logoVideoSurf, and innovative video search engine that utilizes computer vision technology (facial recognition) to assist with video indexing , has developed a quick and effective way to search for videos directly within Twitter.  By combining the Twitter API, API, and VideoSurf API, they have created a mashup that makes it simple to search for videos without ever leaving the twitter stream.

In the past, I’ve covered some platforms like Twitmatic, which allow you to search for videos that have been tweeted about.  This is different in that it is a way to perform a search for videos across the web, using twitter and VideoSurf as the search vehicle.  In other words, the results are not necessarily videos that appear within a twitter timeline.  Rather, these are results from VideoSurf’s growing index of more than 50B videos.

How to Search VideoSurf using Twitter:

To search for videos, all you have to do is send them a simple tweet.

  1. In the Twitter post field, simply type @videosurf
  2. Then type “s ” (as in search, with a space after)
  3. Lastly, type a keyword or description of the video you want to search for

For example, if you were looking to find videos about “twitter internet marketing”, you could tweet the following:

@videosurf s twitter internet marketing

Within a few minutes (for me it only took 2 minutes each time I tried it), you will receive a reply with 3 links to video results that match your search.


I tried doing this via direct message (DM @videosurf), but the functionality is not yet available.  However, I did receive the following reply from VideoSurf

videosurf Sorry about that; we don’t yet support search results via DM, but it’s one of many enhancements we’re considering.

I think that would be a great enhancement as it can be difficult to locate the reply if you have 500 gazillion folks twittering every second.  That way, you could find and save the search results within your direct message area.

Moving Forward – Applications for the Application

Anywhere you can Tweet, you will be able to search for videos. As mobile Tweeting grows in popularity, the ability to watch videos on mobile devices allows the VideoSurf  Twitter bot to return video results directly within mobile applications like Twitterific and  Twitterberry. Additionally, with Quicktime X’s ability to play Flash video, and Safari’s future support of HTML 5’s open video tag, iPhone users might soon be able to take video search results with them as well.

A simple, but very cool app – congrats to VideoSurf for doing it first


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