Twitter Video Player: Native Uploads Only Please, No YouTube [Update]

Twitter Video Player: Native Uploads Only Please, No YouTube [Update]

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Twitter’s aim to expand its video hosting capabilities have been well documented, but some rock-solid clues have emerged this week that gives us some insight into the site’s plans. The social network’s native feature isn’t live yet, but a keen Twitter user spotted an FAQ for the video tool which confirms supported formats, length, and the fact that videos have to be uploaded straight to Twitter, no YouTube embeds or links allowed. The FAQs also confirm that uploaded videos should use a 16:9 aspect ratio, and users will be able to use customized .png and .jpg thumbnail uploads.

UPDATE: TechCrunch are reporting that the new video player features are in reference to promoted video ads via the site’s Amplify service. OK – just watch this space to see how similar the native video player will be when it’s released. Not that much different we bet.

Twitter will provide users will a dashboard publishing tool, through which they will be able to upload – but not edit, their videos. There doesn’t appear to be a limit as to the size of file that can be uploaded, as long as it adheres to an MP4 or .mov format.


Twitter Video Player: Supports MP4 and MOV, No YouTube Videos

The FAQs reveal that Twitter wants users to upload their videos directly to the social network, via an MP4 or .mov file. In the same way that Facebook rewards native videos uploads, it appears that Twitter have had enough of supporting rival YouTube all of these years, and is making its own users content a priority.

The Twitter video player will accept a video that has already been uploaded to YouTube, but it insists on a new and unique URL before doing so. Users will be able to tweet out their videos directly from the dashboard, but they won’t be able to automate or schedule this process just yet. Users can tweet to their followers or videos can be “can be hidden, and used as part of a Twitter advertising campaign”.

Statistics Provided But No Google Analytics Integration

In a bid to court brands and marketers, the Twitter video player will provide stats to the user including the percentage of video starts, promoted vs organic views, and quartile completion rates for each video. No third-party analytics support though so that rules out – for now – any tie-in with Google Analytics.

Twitter hasn’t confirmed the existence of the player, or acknowledged the FAQs, but we know the platform is keen to get the feature up and running as soon as possible.

News of Twitter’s Video Player was spotted by this user:

What do you think of Twitter’s plan to take on YouTube, and Facebook? Do you think there’s any need for yet another social network video player?

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