Twitter Goes Big On Live Video With Bloomberg Partnership: #NewFronts 2017

Twitter Goes Big On Live Video With Bloomberg Partnership: #NewFronts 2017

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I went to the 2017 Digital Content NewFronts expecting to hear presenters talk about “fake news,” which is one of the latest trends in the digital video marketing business. But, I was surprised to actually hear real news while attending the event held Monday afternoon at the Bloomberg LP headquarters. Bloomberg Media and Twitter announced a global live video breaking news network, which will debut this fall. I’ve got to admit that ‘Twitter Live Video’ wasn’t one of the trends on my buzzword bingo card.

Now, I don’t normally report news. But the moment that Bloomberg Media and Twitter announced that they are partnering to create the first-ever 24/7 breaking news network that will be global, live, social and streaming I knew that I needed to make an exception to that rule. And to drive home the significance of the breaking news about the launch of a video breaking news network, it was made by Bloomberg founder and CEO Michael R. Bloomberg and Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. That’s when this columnist for Tubular Insights reverted back to his early days as a radio reporter rushing to cover a 5-alarm fire.

Twitter Live Video: All The News

So, here’s what video marketers need to know: The new live streaming news network will combine the global editorial and newsgathering capabilities of Bloomberg with the digital power of Twitter, which has become one of the world’s fastest and primary news distribution channels. Bloomberg will collaborate with Twitter to provide a live experience for video news consumers around the world.

The new network, which has been in development for months, will launch in fall 2017. It will feature a mix of user-generated breaking news video from citizens, curated and verified by Bloomberg editors, along with live video and reporting from Bloomberg journalists around the world. Combining the speed and immediacy of Twitter with the editorial rigor of Bloomberg, the network aims to be interactive, rich with social content, and consumable on any device.

Appropriately, the breaking news was broken during a live interview with Bloomberg and Dorsey by Bloomberg Television anchor Emily Chang. Following their live interview, Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith took the stage and provided more context. He said:

“Today’s global news consumer wants and needs more than what’s currently available. In an era when most viewers are choosing immediacy over quality in breaking news, traditional media hasn’t kept up. With this new network, we are setting out to reinvent the digital breaking news experience. The powerful combination of Bloomberg’s high-quality journalism and data-backed objectivity with Twitter’s global immediacy, interactivity and reach will create the world’s fastest and most credible modern news source.”

Now, that’s a different approach to fighting fake news. And it felt like I was witnessing the first rough draft of history to be in the room when this new trend in the digital video marketing business was born. In fact, I took photos of the photographers who moved in front of me to document the moment.

Smith was followed by a joint presentation by Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait and Anthony Noto, COO of Twitter. Did I mention that it’s a partnership?

Micklethwait said, “This is a great opportunity to extend our global news gathering capabilities to Twitter’s 328 million monthly users.” He added, “Combining the journalism, data and editorial rigor of Bloomberg with the social content of Twitter will enable us to cover the world in a very new and exciting way.”

Noto said, “The stage is set for innovation in news and Bloomberg is taking on that challenge. Twitter’s speed and vast global network of content and commentary combined with the high quality, editorial rigor of Bloomberg is a unique and powerful combination. Our collaboration will bring these forces together through live video and the related conversation.”

Following the announcement, there was a cocktail party for media buyers. And, yes, there were lots of media buyers there. Now, that’s a column for another day, but let me admit that I’ll soon be shopping for a Yankees sweater to wear the next time that I speak in public. But, my tactic of wearing a bright red sweater with the “hanging sox” logo of the Boston Red Sox over the heart not only helped media buyers spot me at the event, it also generated some unintended consequences. As I was walking down a hallway to get my bags from the hatcheck room, Mike Bloomberg and an aide were walking in the opposite direction. He saw my sweater and asked, “Are you from Boston?”

We chatted briefly about the Boston area. (He was born in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston and lived in Allston until he was two years old. His family moved to Brookline for a couple of years, and then settled in Medford.) I told him that I thought the partnership with Twitter was a smart move.

But, his handler obviously wanted him to schmooze with the crowd that was down the hall, so she diplomatically offered to take our photo so that my new buddy Mike could continue to the cocktail hour with literally hundreds of media buyers. Hey, check it out and, if you tweet about it, use the hashtag #NewFronts2017 and call me out by adding @gregjarboe.

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